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For Serious Minded Moderators

For Serious Minded Moderators
“Moderators Only Group”

If you are NOT A “Moderator”or a Co Mod of your own “Group”, Do Not Join This Group, Or You Will Be Removed From This Group With or Without notice.
Upon Joining you must identify yourself and what group you are the Moderator of or Co-Moderator of.
ONLY ONE Co-Moderator is permitted to joining this group to represent the group they assist a Moderator with.
Only Two Representatives of One single group may join this group jointly, the Moderator of a group and only One Co Moderator from that Group

"For Serious Minded Moderators” Group Description

We are a knowledgeable group of “Serious Minded Moderators” gathered here that share our experiences, know how’s, and bring the attention of known issues within the system for other “moderators” to be aware of.

What is our purpose? Our purpose here is to help one another in getting our groups where we want them to be; offer advice, opinions and suggestions in concerns to disturbances in groups caused by members of them; to let other moderators be aware of known issues within the systems and to come up with ideas and suggestions on helping to resolve those issues.

There are fellow moderators here in this group that will take many ideas and suggestions and submit them to the staff to review in hopes of improving the groups for all moderators and for all members that belong to groups. Those are the main reasons I created this group where we can meet and hold discussions and be of benefit of each other.

“For Serious Minded Moderators” Group Rules

  1. You Must Be A Moderator Of Your Own Group
  2. Under NO circumstances, will graphic - lewd photo's be permitted to being displayed in this group. I.e. cum shots/cock -pussy-no intercourse pics, no masturbating/vibes-dildos butt plugs etc…
  3. You MUST have RESPECT for EACH Moderator in this group, failure to do so you will be sent a letter of warning.
  4. No Cybering is allowed in this group.
  5. Only posting of topics that pertain to the description and purpose of “For Serious Minded Moderators” is allowed. Please reframe from posting jokes, personal relationship concerns, or any non pertaining topics of what this group is designed for.
  6. No mentioning of members or other groups by handle, title or name that are not members of For Serious Minded Moderators.
  7. Active mods are required in this group, failure to submit a post for 2 months, means that you are not serious about this or any other group. By all means, rejoin..... but please don't sit on the side lines and say nothing.
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Topic(s): Other
Associate Moderators: foundluv694me

Restrictions: between 20 and 97 living within 999999 of Rochester, New York, United States

needluv694me 73M

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