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A few Views *Mature Women*  

vopesahe 58F
134799 posts
9/16/2020 11:10 am

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9/17/2020 10:26 am

A few Views *Mature Women*

For Your Day...

Rachel Aziani
Andi James

10 images

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JASON4U7572 62M
8 posts
9/17/2020 9:19 am


Dtts43rt35 62M
8220 posts
9/16/2020 5:53 pm

Rachel Aziani and Andi James, Hot!!

Rio flows in its bed and goes around with its waters!

scoupe42 57M  
8878 posts
9/16/2020 4:22 pm

Thanks for sharing!

bbuckwwheat 61M
4503 posts
9/16/2020 3:26 pm

Rachel has great legs.

Andi has the best smile and breasts that have not been altered.

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Fayette, Iowa

Allhard4u50 58M
1063 posts
9/16/2020 3:20 pm lovely...thanks

xDude456 58M
1448 posts
9/16/2020 2:18 pm

Mmmmm, I'd like a few more views of these Mature ladies, mmmmmmmm

Thanks for sharing

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PlymWidow19 56M
27 posts
9/16/2020 1:08 pm

Several things to be said about mature women...1. They know what they want and like, 2 They have nothing to prove to anyone 3. they will tell you the truth, not what they think you want to hear and finally, they have no hidden agenda.


funsnellvillecpl 63M/51F  
2487 posts
9/16/2020 12:46 pm

wow, 2 very sexy mature ladies , thanks

Suppletitties 59M
231 posts
9/16/2020 12:42 pm

interesting, the poster has pictures of models when her own pictures are more in line with what women are her and most of us look like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,avg dress size in the US 16-18,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hell Marilyn Monroe was a 14-16 in 1960 and that was before they changed them ..............her pictures are at least a 22(US) or 180 in metric

yesplease69691 50M
4 posts
9/16/2020 12:09 pm

WOW 2 very sexy women

crosstraining 67T  
1771 posts
9/16/2020 12:02 pm

Rachel n Andi Seductive mature ladies {=}

shogun_269u_II 58M
99 posts
9/16/2020 11:52 am

so damn sexy! luv em!

Leegs2012 47M
55250 posts
9/16/2020 11:49 am

HOTTIES vope!!

donsv1962 58M
3130 posts
9/16/2020 11:33 am


I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

Pickel3333 59M
626 posts
9/16/2020 11:25 am

Rachel and Andy are looking mighty fine to me!!!

Virgo6969s 27M  
678 posts
9/16/2020 11:24 am

Very sexy

vopesahe 58F
31842 posts
9/16/2020 11:13 am

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