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Cold here again today...9/21/2020  3  
"Ready 2 be someone's new muse Ready 4 a brand new tattoo Gonna fake it 'til it makes me feel good"9/19/2020  4  
Tell your story9/19/2020  0  
Went off with out a hitch....9/19/2020  3  
late night ramblings9/18/2020  0  
Shock and Loss9/17/2020  0  
This is me9/16/2020  0  
During my “break” last week, work was overwhelming.9/16/2020  5  
An Open letter to the people that took advantage of a soft heart – I thank you!9/15/2020  6  
A Slaves Beginning9/15/2020  0  
Jim still down or again.9/14/2020  0  
And now for something completely different .......9/13/2020  4  
So I’m just the same as many other I know that9/13/2020  0  
erotica 20069/13/2020  1  
A losing battle.....9/13/2020  6  
The Perfect Man Plan Man On Man9/12/2020  0  
Flight During and After Man On Man9/12/2020  0  
Hot Man Broken Heart Man On Man9/12/2020  0  
Day 25 — Walking, walking, walking...9/11/2020  4  
Seduced to perform my first bisexual act9/11/2020  0  
Day 24 — Physio and Half a Chicken9/9/2020  4  
God Don't Want You Now9/9/2020  0  
Just One Life....9/8/2020  3  
Here, There & Everywhere9/8/2020  6  
FACTS ABOUT SEX:9/8/2020  6  
Frustrated with your efforts to get 'laid'? ...trump ladies are your salvation9/8/2020  21  
We are a married couple based in Kolkata looking for compatible men for fun9/8/2020  2  
Perfect Stud Plan Man on Man9/7/2020  0  
*** Dr Fauci: Trump still wont listen **9/7/2020  12  
Don't you just love music!9/7/2020  3  
The noise...9/7/2020  5  
Friendly fire9/6/2020  6  
Starting All Over9/5/2020  1  
Room 1235 Chronicles August Edition aka The Front Porch9/4/2020  8  
Divorce and all that comes with it.9/4/2020  0  
The Next Step 090420209/4/2020  0  
why is he not contented with just one9/4/2020  1  
Gin Will Make You Sin Man On Man9/4/2020  0  
All hail the Irish...9/4/2020  10  
One giant step for mankind...lol9/4/2020  0  
looking for tops that host must be hung or bbc9/3/2020  0  
What is up with the people on this site? Our Story!!9/3/2020  0  
Take a chance - You just might like me9/3/2020  0  
Ah....yeah....9/3/2020  3  
Day 21 — It Did Not Go Well9/3/2020  5  
Best Forgotten. A Poem9/2/2020  1  
Oralservice9/2/2020  0  
**** Your September Love Forecast ****9/1/2020  14