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why be fake  

robdessertrider2 64M
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1/24/2016 7:32 pm
why be fake

I recently had an IM conversation with another local member.
I guess I might have started out a little poorly, I saw her profile on the IM. So of coarse I read it first and looked at her 2 pics, nice pics one of her silhouette the other of her pussy with a toy. I followed through by reading her answers to questions, I try to read entire profiles before I approach a member. Not a whole lot on it but she did say she was attached with a pass to play. Nothing in what she said excluded me from her desires.
I IM texted her probably asking the wrong question "Are you real, and are you serious" she answered with "are you real".
Surprisingly the conversation continued, her starting by asking what I wanted from a woman, I told her the truth I want sex with maybe the possibility of moving on to a FWB, not looking for a wife or soulmate. I asked what she was looking for she started describing she wanted a man who could take control.
Now I don't follow all this fifty shades of grey thing, I only saw a man who needed to abuse a woman. Yes I like to take control at times, I also like a woman to take control, but most of all when 2 people are out to please the person they are with both benefit and the sex often is great. I have found a lot of women who want a man to take control, what they are really wanting is a man to pleasure her and all focus is to be on her pleasure, one sided in my eyes.
When I take control my focus is she does exactly as I say and if she gets pleasure from it is cause she has pleased me. I will have her do as I say and if she does it without hesitation she will get pleasure, but when I am ready for her to and no sooner. When a woman is in control I will do as she demands to the letter and I will hope she sees that I am worthy of reward.
As far as using physical restraints I will not give into that until I know a person well enough to trust all preset boundaries will be followed. Not a stranger type of play, don't tie me till I know you won't leave me like that and bring in a moving van, I would hope a woman I just met would feel the same. But yes restraints can be fun, but for use only if verbal orders for restraint are not being followed, I tell you your hands are to remain at your side they will stay there no matter what I do to you. If I bring a woman to the very edge of orgasm and stop there if she reaches to finish pleasing herself, out come the restraints.
Well in this first IM conversation she comes back at me and says I am not capable of taking control as she wanted. It ended there I don't know if I can convince a person I can take control by typed word and if you are set in how you feel from a first contact your expectations are unreal.
Weeks later I see her on IM again I remember our earlier conversation I remember her desire to be controlled by a man I start this conversation with "I need you to get in your car and come to me now". That is all I sent and waited for a response. She did with "you have my attention" I repeated "you are to get in your car and come here NOW". She came back "I need to shower and shave". My answer was "NO. you are to come to me now. I will determine if you need to shower when you are here, and if I deem you need to shower you will shower how and when I permit".
Her first response "I do need to shower".
Me"You are not understanding me, you are to come to me as you are or not at all"
Her" I think I understand"
Me" you don't seem to be, I need to hear SIR in your response"
"yes Sir I understand you"
me "You are to put on a dress nothing else, no panties no bra. If I deem you need to shave or showerI will let you do it when I allow, if you must bring a razor. You are to DO SO NOW"
She came back with "What kind of dress do you want"
My retort "who are you Talking to"
"What kind of dress sir"
Better a summer sun dress, one you can wear in public but nothing more, if you need more to wear we will go buy you what you need. NOW GET DRESSED and COME HERE." silence followed I was wondering if she had left the chat but there was no indication she had left the chat.
I asked "Are you dressed ?"
"Almost Sir"
"wear only the sun dress and heels. When you get here I will check to be sure you have not showered or shaved. I want to sense the raw you. Are you Dressed?"
"Yes Sir"
"Get in your car and drive to me" I gave my address"When you get here I will come out to inspect you at your car. We will discuss boundaries and then you will come in and do exactly as I say"
She came back once more"Do you have condoms, do you have lube and do you have restraints"
" I have all that we will need, but you still don't seem to be understanding, you are to be in your car now and you need to address me with respect"
"Yes Sir" was her last message, as it should have been. So I showered shaved and went about my business here. Well I guess I was not far off from the truth when I first asked if she was real. She never appeared, I had not been disappointed I have often had members go this far and never see or hear again from them. If I do hear from them it usually goes long lost relatives suddenly showed on my doorstep I couldn't make it.I go through these excersizes on a regular basis on here. Occasionally someone follows through and most of those have turned into repeat partners, and the chase is fun, but not what I am on here for.
The pic she sent me I saved cause she was stunning, but pics are all over the web for all to grab and use, they mean nothing if we never meet in person.
My pics on here are of me and yes I do have cock pics those are me. My video is me and a member who knows I posted it, I won't post pics and videos of others without their ok. I do have a vast collection of pics from the web and I do post those at times in my blogs but I don't claim them to be of me. My age is correct my status is correct. Why post a lie if you do want to meet lies will be seen in daylight.

BiggLala 48F  
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1/24/2016 9:24 pm

Maybe she just wanted to the fantasy chat online. Doesn't necessarily mean she's fake. Sure, she should state that on her profile, but....

Also, she could have gotten cold feet. Coming to a stranger's home and giving up 'control' to them is not something I'd do after just two chats. I guess people are different than me, though.

Better luck next time.

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