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The Bookstore  

plotlady 49F   
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5/11/2018 9:56 am
The Bookstore

The bookstore was crowded. But it didn't matter because everywhere I looked I saw him. When I was in Romance, he was in Suspense. When I was in Human Sexuality, he was in Nutrition. I lost sight of him while I was browsing through Educational. Which was just as well, for I could not concentrate when he was in my view. He kept his dark head bent thoughtfully, his thoughts lost in whatever book rested in his hands at the moment. Deep inside I was wishing he would just look up so I could see those eyes.

But he acted like he didn't even notice me.

He was intriguingly sexy in my book. Pun intended! I loved the way his black hair curled around his ears and clung to his nape. There was a little graying at the temples. His neck looked absolutely delicious. Dark and strong and thick and smooth. I licked my lips wanting to run my tongue over his earlobe, over the skin of his neck. He looked clean. I wanted to taste the salt of his skin. He was simply... luious.

His eyes crinkled as he read something that must have amused him, and I wanted them to crinkle at me at that moment.

His hands were large and strong, yet gently cradled the book he was now engrossed in reading. I loved those hands. I wanted to be the book he studied as it rested in his palms. I wanted to be the page his fingers gently caressed as he browsed over the contents. I wanted those hands to cup my bottom. I wanted those fingers to turn my pages. But it was his arms that did me in and made me borderline obsessed with him.

Strong arms. Not body builder beefcake arms, but finely ulpted mules. Mules made by hard work. I wanted those arms molded around me as his beautiful hands pulled me close to his body. His lean legs, his nice, tight butt wrapped tightly in faded Levi denims fed my wildest fantasies.

I had to have him. I squeezed my thighs together to ease the tingling between my legs that was now buzzing and making it nearly impossible to shop.

What was I thinking! I’m a married woman with teenaged and even a damned pain in the ass dog. Even though my marriage has lost its luster, I am not the type of person to wander aimlessly through bookstores picking up men.

Just this time. Just this man.

Lost in my thoughts of what I would do to him if we were behind closed doors had me so distracted that I didn’t notice he disappeared until it was too late. I should have g up to him and struck up a conversation.

I could have just sauntered over to him and said, "Hi there…Wanna fuck?” That wasn't exactly my style. I bit my lip and wondered if I should go to the check out and just buy everything I now held in my arms just in case he was finishing up. Or I could wander around the bookstore like a sex crazed creeper looking for him. No. I might look too eager. Or worse, I might have security on my tail if I appeared too suspicious.

I gave up, focused on the pile of books cradled in my arms, and headed for the coffee shop where tables and chairs provide patrons a place to sip coffee and peruse their possible purchases.

However, I noticed that there were no available tables as I made my way to the counter to order. After ordering a cappuccino, I walked towards the far corner, hoping to find an empty chair at least. I'd even settle for sharing a table with some if they weren't too gross, smelly, or weird looking. Maybe they would leave soon after and I could pile my books up and prevent any from joining me. Unless "Luious" showed up, of course. Shoot, I'd sit on the floor if he needed a seat. Well. On my knees between his legs would be even better. I have to stop this! Ugh. Be normal girl.

Pausing to observe the sea of diners, I balanced my books in arm and my coffee in my other hand. Just as I felt my heavy pocketbook slide down my shoulder upsetting the books now threatening to spill out of my embrace, I heard a soft spoken voice offer a bit hesitantly, "This seat's not taken."

In response, I twirled around just as my books tumbled onto the table. I watched in horror as they bumped into and nearly knocked over the cup of coffee sitting at the center of the table.

A strong looking hand ed savior to the cup of java that nearly took a tumble. I followed that hand to a beautiful, well-shaped forearm, a familiar looking well-muled upper arm...

I smiled and thanked Venus and Cupid and any other gods and goddesses engaging in a bit of fore with my fate.

"Wanna fuck?" I actually thought about using that as an introductory line. Notice I said "thought."

Instead, I smiled broadly and offered direct eye contact and a soft "thanks," as I took the seat and attempted to straighten my pile.

He studied the books at a time, raising an eyebrow as he glanced at my reading material.

"I write it. That's not mine though, just checking out the competition."

"Ah. Really? Are you good at it?"

I felt my panties grow moist as he held my eyes captive and burned a hole in my heart.
"I'm very good at it."
The words sounded just a bit too innocent, just a bit too matter of fact, as I broke his gaze, concentrating on sipping my cappuccino.

"How to Make Your Lover Beg for More," He coughed after reading that next title, his face turning a nice rosy hue. I made him blush!

"Research," I smiled again.

"Yes. Research, “He almost looked like he was going to offer to . Instead, he opened up the book that made him blush and studied it, as he had his novels and nutrition books earlier while I spied on him.

He didn't have a ring on his left ring finger.

Then again, neither did I at the moment.

He had flecks of grey here and there spattering his black thick hair. He was clean shaven. He smelled good. Crisp. And his lips looked...oh my…very kissable.

This flirtation I was engaged in was insane. My mind went to how many it had been since my husband made my feminine parts tingle. I looked at my accidental coffee partner and certainly drooled a little. If I made love to him right now in broad daylight, in some seedy hotel room nearby, I knew it would be the experience of a lifetime.

"Interesting,” He murmured as he read my self- manual.

"Oh?" I could feel my breath quickening. If I had been standing at that very moment, my knees would have buckled beneath me. "What's that?"

"You really want to know?" His voice was low and seductive.

I couldn't find my voice. So I just nodded breathlessly.

He held my gaze, his smoldering hazel eyes melting all reserve. I didn't have to ask him if he wanted to fuck. Luious wanted me. In fact, I bet he wanted to do me on that table right then and there.

His eyes told me so.

"This gives step by step instructions on how to give your lover multiple orgasms."

"Oh," I swallowed thickly, unable to look away, unable to speak. I wasn't exactly a er, you know.

He ped the book shut and laid it down efficiently. He looked away as he picked up his coffee and brought it to his luious mouth.

I wished I was a cup of coffee. I wanted him to drink me until I was completely empty.

Holding my own cup in hands I studied him as he looked around the cafe. When he looked back he focused on my well-manicured finger that ran subconiously up and down the length of my cup.

He smiled. Knowingly.

I knew it! We were going to fuck. Soon.

"Tell me about yourself," Quickly, I added silently.

"I'm married."

"I am as well," I responded without hesitation.

"I've never d this before." I added without thinking.

He laughed. "D what?"

It was my turn to blush. Damn. I already had him in bed and undressed. I just forgot to tell him.

"Uhhhhhh, " I laughed too, and shrugged and shook my head. I was totally mortified with my slip of the tongue. "Uhm... shared a table in a bookstore with a married man I'd just picked up?" I offered.

"Ah. I see," he ratched his head and inhaled before exhaling softly. As if trying to gain control. "So you picked me up, hmm?"

"Ahhhh.. What I meant was..." I laughed again and shrugged my shoulders. "Sorry."

He just sat there smiling at me with this stupid look on his face.

"Your turn. Tell me about yourself," He leaned back in his chair and folded those luious arms across his broad chest.

I love sex. No, no, no. "I'm a writer." There we go.

"Something I don't know."

My pussy is totally soaked. Although by the look on his face he probably knew that, too.

"I uh..." want to leave and make wild passionate love with you. No, that would appear too eager.

"I like coffee?"

"Me, too."

"And reading."

"Me, too."

His cell ph rang. He pulled it out of his back pocket and grimaced. "Hang on, " he said, holding up his hand.

I tried not to sulk, but instead, quickly thumbed through my books. I chose of the romances, herb book and of course, the orgasm book as this day's purchases. As I leafed through the books I listened to his every word, trying to figure out who had been so rude as to interrupt our brief courting session.

Whomever it was, he called "Sweetheart" I noticed. After reporting where he was, and when he would be home- or so hours, he stated curtly- he hung up with a smile.

"Hungry?" He picked up of his books and stood up.

I nodded, leaving all but books on the table. Coffee's in hand, pocketbook on my shoulder, I followed him. Obediently.

"Here, let me.” He reached for the books I held. When his fingers touched my arm an electric shock jolted me.
"Damn carpet, " I murmured.

He chuckled and made his way to the check out. We stood in line saying little to each other and when it was his turn at the register I pulled out my wallet and reached out my hands to take my books.

Shaking his head with that stupid grin stretched from ear to ear, he set the books on the counter.
"I got it."

There. It was d. Now I was going to have to fuck him to get my books back. I nodded with as equally a stupid smile spreading across my face.

I don't know how he expected me to eat a meal. I was not hungry for food. All I could think of was him. Naked.

We walked out of the bookstore together, and when we reached the curb of the parking lot he grabbed my hand, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I let him. As we walked I realized I was parked on the other side of the lot, and told him so.

"We'll go in my truck. I'll drop you off later."

His truck. He drove a truck, of course he did. His essence wouldn't fit in anything else. He opened the door and I had to actually climb up to get in the front seat. As I hoisted myself up, he spread his hand over my ass as if to guide me in -- to the truck, I mean.

This was not me. I would normally never do this. But all I could think about was having this man inside of me. Of being beneath him while he filled me with cock and cum. Of sitting on top of him and riding him while he bucked beneath me releasing his load deep inside of me. Of bending in all sorts of positions to please him.

We drove down the road a way until he pulled into a motel parking lot. "Nice restaurant, " I said, my heart pounding beneath my breasts.

"Oh. I meant later," he stared at me intently. "Unless you would rather go now. It's up to you."

Who was he kidding? My blue eyes locked onto his hazel gaze and I smirked. "You're joking right?"

"Thought so. You know. You're about as readable as a book."

"That's always been a major character flaw with me."

"I wouldn't say that," he grabbed my hand and squeezed. "Ready?"

I nodded and slid over to his side of the truck. He opened the door and jumped down, then turned to me out. As I stepped down he grabbed my waist and ed me out of the cab, pulling me close to him so that my body slid smoothly down the length of his body as he set me on the ground. When I landed on my feet he pulled me even closer, molding me into his hard body. And I mean hard. Everywhere. He wrapped his luious arms around my waist, planted his hands on my ass, and hugged me hard as he bent his head down to kiss me. I parted my lips instinctively, allowing his tongue to slip inside and explore with unchecked urgency.

My hands reached up over his shoulders and I slipped my fingers through his hair. I pulled his head closer, forcing his tongue deeper into my mouth. I thought he was going to take me right there, in the parking lot.

He broke away and spoke, his voice ragged. "Let's get inside."

"Shouldn't we--" I looked to the front desk office.

He reached in his pocket and held out a key. Room 143.

Hesitantly I followed him. I thought he never did this before....

The room was dark, but smelled good. Not at all like a dank musty motel room. It smelled like incense. He flicked on the light and walked to the dresser, turned on his list, lit a candle and laid down his keys.

"I thought you never did this before."

"I don't."

I looked around the room. Not only a Bluetooth speaker and candles were there but also soft silken ties attached to the corners of the bed, as well as a black fishnet body suit laying on the bed. And black spike heels.

And a video camera. And a digital camera.

I felt a tremble of apprehension and swallowed thickly.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you."
He was studying my reaction carefully, totally absorbed in my response.

Looking around again I noticed there were no knives, whips or guns. That was a start.

"You do want to fuck me, don't you?" He walked towards me slowly.

I nodded.

"Then say it. I don't want to do anything you don't want me to do. If I misread you back there.... we can just go to the restaurant..."

I shook my head, taking a few steps back until I felt the bed behind me. He stood before me and whispered, "Tell me you want me to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me," I whispered, suddenly completely under his control.

"You want my cock."

"I want your cock," I whispered, unable to break his gaze.

"Inside of you."

"Inside of me."

He grabbed me then in a cruel embrace, crushing me to him as he devoured my mouth hungrily. I clung to him, just as hungry, consuming him as if he were my last meal.

We fell onto the bed and he lay on top of me, his knee separating and spreading my thighs. He pressed against my pussy and I moaned softly. He paused and sat up, ordering me not to move, not even a finger.

I closed my eyes, forcing myself to obey.

He returned a few seconds later with glasses of red wine. "Drink."

I sat up and took the cup. He raised his glass, we clinked in a silent toast, and then drank. I gulped mine, seeking courage. He took the glasses and placed them with a loud clink on the night stand. And then he laughed. Again.

He seemed to do that a lot. I was glad I amused him.

He knelt before me, slowly unfastening each of the buttons that ran the length of my shirt. With that d he slipped his hands beneath the cotton material and cupped my breasts, kneading them softly. My nipples were hard against his palms. And tingling. I mewed softly and tilted my head back, reveling in the sensation.

He slipped my shirt off my shoulders and told me to stand.

I stood.

He pulled my jeans down around my hips, leaving them in a puddle at my ankles. He pulled my shoes off my feet, at a time. He slipped my socks, stuffing them in my shoes. Then he pulled my jeans off completely, leaving me trembling before him. Goosebumps raised along my skin. My chest heaved as I fought to control my breath.

He slipped a finger inside the leg of my black lace panties, searching the warm moist folds of my pussy lips. He slipped a finger inside of me, moving it around, massaging my insides, then pulled out and raised it to his lips. After licking some of my juice from his finger he rested it against my lips, ordering softly, "Taste."

I slipped a tongue out and tasted. He smiled.

"You listen well."

I nodded, completely entranced.

He stood up and leaned forward, kissing me softly as he brought his arms up and around my back to unfasten my bra. It dropped to the floor, followed by my panties as he tugged those off too.

"Put that on." He pointed to the body suit thing and the heels on the bed. "In the bathroom."

I picked it up and followed his directions. A few minutes later I wobbled out on the 4 inch "fuck me" black spike heels that were about a size too big. The body suit was constricting and tight on my plump body…..and felt strangely erotic. I felt like I was tied up, but obviously I wasn't. The get-up was crotchless and my nipples protruded through the crisross mesh. My breasts were pressed tightly or as much as they could be for DDs. Pussy juice was trickling down my thighs.

He had taken his shirt off revealing a nicely chiseled torso. He kept his jeans on, although the brown leather belt gracing his waist was unbuckled.

"Come here. Slowly. I want to watch you walk."

I came. Slowly. I felt his eyes touch every inch of my body.

He stood up and unzipped his pants. His cock sprang to life beneath his briefs. He reached out and ran his fingertips down my arms, over my breasts, my belly, my thighs. Everywhere he traced he left a path of fire. I felt like molten lava when he spoke again.

"On your knees," he pointed to the carpeted area in front of his feet.

I knelt before him, awaiting his instruction. Already my tongue was pressing against the inside of my teeth, straining to be released so it could lick and taste this beautiful cock that strutted out proudly before me. I opened my mouth and looked up at him. He was mesmerized with the sight before him. I could tell. His eyes were half lidded and his breathing had increased. And all he could do was nod.

That was all I needed.

I bent my head forward, my mouth circling the head of his cock. He moaned softly as I licked the tip, bringing my hands up to brace against his hard ass. He pumped slowly into my mouth and I took him in easily, inch by inch.

I moved hand to his shaft, pumping and squeezing as I licked his hard cock up and down with my tongue and lips. He pumped faster and harder and I hummed with desire. I wanted to taste him. I loved him fucking my mouth. I wanted to swallow his cum. I put both hands around his shaft and gave last hard pump and squeeze as I sucked his cock dry. He cried out as he came, wrapping his hands in my hair as he shoved his rod deep, down my throat, causing me to gag with that last thrust. I swallowed and licked and nibbled and sucked softly as the last bits of cum dribbled into my mouth. I swallowed greedily.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm..." I said with a smile as I looked up and licked my lips. The taste of him filled my mouth. The bittersweet aftertaste of his cum was spicy on my tongue.

He couldn't speak for a moment. He stared down at me, kneeling before him, with his cock still in my lips, cum on my chin, and his hands in my hair. I watched as he slowly gained control again. And then, only then, did he speak.

"I want you to lay on the bed," he lifted a hand to tweak my nipple while his other hand parted my thighs and massaged my soaked pussy.

He pushed me gently on the bed and directed me to lay in its center. I waited breathlessly for what was to come.

"You're not going to hurt me."

"No. I told you I wouldn't hurt you," he said as he took of my arms and raised it upward, tying my wrist to the bed with of the satin silky ties.

"I know. But.." I watched as he tied my other hand in the same fashion.

"But what?"

"I never did this before."

"Me either," he insisted.

"You act like you know what you are doing, though."

After he had my hands tied he straddled me, his cock already growing firm again and pushing through his briefs, pushing against my pussy. "I do know what I'm doing. You are my fantasy."

Ah. Good. Because he was mine.

I tugged at the ties as he planted a chaste kiss on my lips. "Bend your legs." He ordered this as he got off the bed and went into the bathroom. Running water sounded.
He returned with a towel, a bowl of hot steaming, water, and a razor.

Oh, god.

He laughed and positid himself between my legs. "Relax."

I gasped as he pulled out a issors and proceeded to cut my hair, cropping my pussy so close I could feel the steel blades dangerously close to my pussy lips and clit. When it contacted with my warm skin now and then I would jump and he would harshly order, "Stop moving!"

I obeyed. I obeyed even though I was ready to cum. I really needed him to fuck me.

Then carefully he smoothed shaving cream all over my pussy. He took his sweet ass time shaving me, slipping his fingers in-between my lips, circling and pinching my clit. By the time he finished shaving me and rinsing me and drying me I was moaning and near to weeping. I couldn't take much more. "I need you to fuck me." I pleaded in a hoarse whisper.

"No talking. Yet." He smiled at me and placed another chaste kiss on my forehead.

Then he stood up and reached into a bag at the foot of the bed. He pulled out a large vibrator, purple and thick and long. I gasped. "Don't even think about it--" I started.

"I said no talking." Other than that he ignored me as he turned the vibrator on and laid it on the bed between my legs, close enough to my clit but not close enough. I could almost feel the vibrations but was not getting any benefit at all from it as the damn thing wasn't even touching me.

He took the razor and towel and bowl of water and left me like that as he headed towards the bathroom. He called over his shoulder not to move my legs, that were still bent at the knees.

"Bastard." I mutter as I writhed, trying to gain contact with the vibrator without actually moving my body. I reamed in frustration as I tugged at the ropes. Enough was enough.

I could feel my pussy juices soaking the bedspread beneath me. I could feel it dribbling down the crack of my ass, over my hole, and onto the bed. I needed his cock. Or that vibrator. Or his tongue. His finger. Anything. I couldn't take it anymore.

"I thought I told you not to move." He spoke after watching me a few minutes while I writhed and struggled.

"I can't take this much more."

"But we've only just started."

I groaned as I watched him slip his jeans off and toss them on a chair. His eyes never left mine. He slipped his briefs off as well, then stood there completely naked as I caressed him with my eyes. He was hard and stiff, and looked ready to burst. My mouth watered. I wanted to taste him.

He came to sit between my legs again and picked up the vibrator.

I watched his every move.

"Tell me. Where do you want me to put this vibrator?"

I shook my head. "Anywhere."

"No. You need to tell me. Where do you want me to fuck you with this." He waved it towards me and smiled again.

"My cunt." I swallowed thickly. I could feel my whole body blushing.

"Like this?" He took the tip of the vibrator and pressed it against my clit. I growled and thrust my hips upward as I felt the first tingling of an orgasm.

Too soon he took it away. "Ah, ah, ah. I didn't say you could cum yet."

He leaned forward and parted my smoothly shaved pussy lips with his tongue and sucked gently on my clit. I whimpered as he pulled away, straightening up to turn his attention upward as he placed the buzzing toy on of my nipples. I cried out and he shook his head. "When you stop moving around, I will start over." Then he shut it off and waited for me to stop thrusting my hips. When I had settled down slightly he turned the toy back on.

"Now. Where did you say you want me to put this? Here?" Again he touched my clit, only in a brief, teasing, fleeting caress. "Or like this?" He continued, slipping the vibrator between the folds of my pussy, searching and finding my soaking canal that craved his hard cock but would settle for something- anything at the moment. "YESSSSS!" I shrieked, feeling the mules constrict around the pulsating mechanical toy.

He pulled it out quickly and shut it off.

"Did I tell you that you could cum?"

"You're torturing me." I accused breathlessly.

"I know."

"It's not funny."

"I know.... but.... you like it."

I grinned. "I hate you."

He chuckled and turned the vibrator on, waiting for me to direct him.

"This, " he touched my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body, "or this?" He slowly pushed the toy inside my cunt, inching it slowly, pressing it upwards so the carefully designed nub found my oh so sensitive G-spot, causing me to buck beneath his hands.

He put his thumb on my clit, searched beneath its little hood and rubbed. I moaned as he slowly pumped my pussy and rubbed my clit. He caught my gaze and held it. I swallowed thickly and moaned.

"You like?"

I nodded and whimpered.

"Tell me..." he whispered with a soft smile.

"I ... I ...."

"You're going to cum..."

I nodded and called out "YESSSSS...."

And he quickly took the vibrator out, throwing it on the bed.

He straddled me then, shoving his cock deep inside my pussy, sending me over the edge. He pounded me, thrusting his hips into me, his thick hard cock penetrating me, pushing deep inside of me, until I felt my mules squeezing him hard, milking his climax as I came with him. We both roared as we came together, as blinding, exploding, quaking orgasms rocked our bodies. I felt him shoot his load deep inside of me, hot and burning as he pumped harder and harder, slow then fast. Until finally we slowed to a stop. Only our chests moved as we fought to control our breathing.

He lay there for a moment, reveling in the aftermath, the aftershocks rippling through my pussy, and then he rolled off of me and pinched my nipple, raising his head up to rest on hand.

"What time is it?" I asked as I tried unsuccessfully to roll over and hug him. I had forgotten my hands were tied.

“It’s time for us to go to dinner before I drop you off at your car.”

--------And this folks, was a set up fulfilled fantasy between lovers. Role ing at its best! It’s not my usual perfect grammar, punctuation, etc., but I felt inspired to write it and wanted to get it up in a hurry. I may correct and repost at a later date. Enjoy!

BigSmilesnMore 64M
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5/17/2018 8:21 am

SUPERB ! Awesome role playing ... hope you enjoy it often !!

WhoIsTheSandman 48M
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6/25/2018 7:26 pm

... wow... I'm ... left... breathless and with a reeling mind of the implications... wishing I was the man you with which you had that imagined encounter! ... or was it only imagined? Superb!and sexy! I'm enthralled my Terre Haute hottie!

goodtrbl 59M  
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6/26/2018 1:52 am

Nicely done.

mounce99 37M
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7/9/2018 2:56 am

Are you good at it?" Hot damn

HereForBBW369 39M

1/31/2019 10:30 am

I love your blog. These stories are so hot!

plotlady replies on 1/31/2019 12:38 pm:

Billingsly712 49M
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4/10/2019 2:49 pm

Wow! I’m inspired!

Tranquilways 45M
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11/9/2019 7:02 am

Amazing! You are a very talented writer. I felt as if I were living the moment. I would very much like to live such a moment.

iyq4play 50M
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11/29/2019 11:27 am

You have a delightful mind for stimulating daydreams! Enjoyed your fantasy romp as you artfully build up the story to a pulsing crescendo, sending waves erotic vibes through our minds (and bodies). Thanks for an rather enjoyable journey!

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