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Boat Blow Job!
Posted:May 20, 2020 9:43 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 6:18 am

It was a warm summer night in mid July and my lady and I were out on the boat heading back the boat launch load up and finish the day of fun and sun on the water. The sky was so clear you could see every star in the sky and the moon lit the smooth water, leaving a long streak of it's reflection on the water, it was beautiful! We had a wonderful time on the lake that day playing, sunning, swimming, tubing, drinking and stopping at our favorite restaurants for some grub.

As we were slowly cruising back in, me in the captains chair and her reclining in the open bow section just talking about the day and how beautiful and peaceful it was that night. She gets up and moves toward the passenger chair, but instead of sitting in the chair, bends over to kiss me. Our lips meet and begin to kiss, enjoying each other's lips in a slow passionate kiss. This is no problem since we are in the middle of the lake and there is no real boat traffic at this time of night. Our lips embraced in a passionate kiss for several minutes, it was so hot! Then she slowly pulls away from my lips and places both of her hands on the arms of my captains chair, completely turning me toward her, steps over my legs and gently sits on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and continues our passionate kissing. Turning off the boat engine, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her tight to my body kissing her harder, I slid my arms down her back to her bathing suit top, unhooking it and slowly removing her top. I can feel her awesome, warm breasts against my naked chest. Mmmm, the kissing was so hot and the setting was perfect! Our lips and tongues enjoyed each other as my hands began to enjoy her breasts. She is sitting on my lap and can feel me become aroused as my cock is getting harder and harder.

She dropped her hand down to my crouch to feel my hard cock with her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. Pulling back from me she slid to her knees and began to untie my swim shorts, pulled back the Velcro, pulled them loose and began to slide them off me. I raised my hips slightly to help her pull them off me as she slid them down my thighs and down my legs and pulled them off, tossing them aside. Sliding her legs between mine, spreading me apart, sliding her hands up my inner thighs, she took a moment to just look at my rock hard cock standing straight up for her, looking at her as she looked at me and smiled.

She began to slowly move her fingers toward my balls just ever so slightly touching them and I could feel them tighten up with her first touch. Drawing tight I could feel every gentle touch she gave them. Gently tickling my balls with her fingers and it felt so good. Hearing my moans, she knew it was arousing me even more as she noticed my balls tighten and how hard my cock became at her touch. Continuing to play with my balls, she took her other hand and starting at my engorged head, began to slowly feel and touch my cock, gently tickling my head and shaft. Running her fingers down my shaft ever so slowly and lightly. Ohhhh the feeling was so erotic and my moans got louder and louder, letting her know how much I was enjoying her playing with my cock and balls. I looked down to see her smiling as she was so enjoying pleasing me and hearing my moans of pleasure. After a minute or , she gently squeezed her hand on my shaft and stroked it one very slow time. I let out a huge sigh as the feeling of her touch and juices in my shaft gave me such a euphoric feeling. And she proceeded to slowly stroke my cock as she continued to tickle my balls. I said to her " Baby that feels so awesome"!

She continued to slowly stroke my shaft as she leaned toward my cock and began licking under my engorged and very pronounced head, taking in all my leakage with her tongue and taking it into her mouth. She licked her lips and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Slowly sucking just my head, licking under my head with her tongue each time she took me in and out of her mouth. I loved watching her lips enjoy the head of my cock and she looked at me now and then to see my reaction and how much I was enjoying her enjoying me. It felt so amazing, her hand now gently holding my shaft and her mouth and tongue making love to the head of my rock hard coc My head was so engorged and she was really enjoying it, moving her mouth up and down over my head, circling around, licking with her tongue, both of us moaning with the pleasure of receiving and giving.

She gave one more look and began take more of my cock in her mouth. Sliding her hand down my shaft, the other now fondling between my balls and my ass, she slides her mouth down my shaft and back up, I can feel her tongue still licking my head as she pulls back up to the top. Wow, as I am completely naked, on the open water of the lake, the night lit by a beautiful moon, I can see her perfectly as she takes my cock into her mouth over and over, in and out. Making love to my cock with her mouth. Taking in and out going deeper each time until she is taking my entire cock inside her mouth and I moan louder let her know how much I am loving it. The warmth of her mouth on my cock feels amazing! She continues suck and lick stopping now and then to enjoy my head and taste more of my leakage that she is creating. She loves that she has the power to make my cock drip like a leaking facet. I can feel the juices working their way up the shaft of my cock with each thrust she takes deep into her mouth. It feels so awesome and my moans are getting louder and louder. I place my hands gently on her head letting her know that I am getting closer and closer to exploding in her mouth. She quickly looks up at me and opens her eyes wide as to tell me she wants me to cum in her mouth. So, I relax and let her take me there. She has held me there for some time, teasing me, licking me, taking me deep in her mouth and then slowly licking and sucking my head, over and over. Holding me on the edge and enjoying my moans of pleasure. Until she is finally ready to take me over the edge, taking her hand on my shaft begins to stroke my cock as she takes my shaft in and out of her mouth. Fucking her mouth with my cock and stroking me with her hand. The juices are working there way up my shaft, higher and higher and the feeling is so intense I don't want it to stop but at the same time I want to climax. Grabbing her head harder and pulling her mouth onto me she knows I am there and slowing down a little continues to take my cock in and out of her mouth. My moans are getting louder and faster, louder and faster, until there it is and I can't hold it in any longer. I let out a loud moan, almost a squeal as my body takes over and I explode my load inside her mouth. That was the best shot I have ever had....Ever!!

She takes it all and swallows it. Comes back up and we begin kissing passionately and I can taste my cum on her lips and tongue, mmmmm so very hot!! My cock is still so hard and she steps back and pulls down her bathing suit bottoms, moves to the engine compartment cover and lays down on her belly, feet on the floor and her ass looking at me, she is so beautiful. I bend down and spreading her legs apart begin to lick her from behind. Licking and sucking her pussy. Sliding my tongue as deep inside her as I can. She is so wet from sucking me and she tastes so delicious!! I take my finger and slide it into her and rub her g spot as I lick her. Stroking her g spot with my finger and licking her clit from the side. She is moaning louder and louder and I can feel how engorged she is. Applying more pressure with my finger she starts to squeal and moan until she erupts on me, squirting on me and orgasms with a loud moan of pleasure for several seconds.

I pull back from her, take my rock hard cock and working it around her pussy she moans loudly and says, "give it to me Baby, I want you"! So I slowly slide my rock hard cock inside her soft, warm, ever so wet pussy. Slowly stroking her in and out. I put my right foot on the seat beside her so I can push my pelvis closer and harder onto her, thrusting my cock deeper inside her. She lets out a loud moan as I go deep and tells me , "give it to me Baby, give it to me hard"! So I do, grabbing her back with one hand and her shoulder with the other I begin to fuck her hard. Slamming my pelvis into her and then her into the engine cover. My hard cock penetrating her deep with every hard thrust, over and over, thrusting hard and deep! She is moaning with each thrust as if it hurts but is pleasurable at the same time. She yells, "harder Baby harder"! So I do, thrusting my cock inside her harder and harder with each thrust. Man it is erotic!! I can feel my juices coming again, damn I am going to cum again. So I continue to fuck her hard and deep, in and out, each thrust working my juices higher and higher up the shaft of my coc Until there it is and I tell her I'm going cum, here it is, here it is, OMG and explode my load inside her. She lets out a loud moan as she feels the warmth of my load inside her.

I pull out and turn her over, laying her back on the engine cover. Going down on her, I begin lick her pussy. She is wet everywhere and my cum is mixed with her juices. Licking her and tasting our juices all mixed together, it is amazing and I want more and more of her pussy. She grabs my head and pulls hard onto her pussy as I am licking her clit so I apply hard pressure on her clit, licking her up and down and in circles with my tongue. She raises her legs in the air, spread wide open for enjoy her. She begins moan louder and louder, slightly moving from side side and tells , "right there, right there", "here it is, here it is" and let's out a loud squeal that sends shivers down my spine! I love please her and that turns so much! She lays back on the engine cover and throws her arms back in exhaustion. I ease my body on top of hers and kiss her so she can taste our juices on my lips and tongue.

It was by far the best blow job experience I have ever had!!
Changing Room
Posted:Apr 20, 2020 11:06 am
Last Updated:May 11, 2020 10:12 am
I had attend a 3 day conference in Nashville and it was the perfect opportunity take a trip with my secret lover. My wife would have stay home due work commitments and I could spend 3 days with my girlfriend and secret lover. We met at the airport and flew into Nashville together and after checking into our hotel room wanted to go out to grab a bite to eat and check out some of the local downtown sights. After having a very nice dinner with live music we went for a walk to check out some of the local shops. A certain department store caught her eye and we went in to browse around a bit. She found some clothes she wanted to try and we headed toward the dressing rooms. There was a television in the waiting area of the dressing room so it was perfect for watch some sports while she tried her clothes.

After sitting there for a few minutes, she stuck her head out of her room and asked if I would come back check out her outfit. I complied and headed back into her private dressing area, which was a small 6' by 6' room with a sliding curtain for a door. I arrived at her dressing area and asked if she was ready for come in and she said yes, please come in. When I pulled the curtain back, my eyes got very big as I saw her sitting the bench, completely naked with one leg crossed over the other in a very sexy pose. I quickly closed the curtain and approached her, telling her that I loved the outfit and she should wear it the rest of the trip. She chuckled and motioned for come closer with her finger. Of course I did, knowing in anticipation what she had in mind.

I approached her and she uncrossed her legs, spread them slightly exposing her amazing beauty. She sat straight and I stood there for a couple moments enjoying the beauty of her completely naked body, her amazing size DD breasts, the smoothness and beautifully tanned color of her skin and her amazing beauty between her legs, completely shaven smooth. She couldn't have looked any more beautiful and desirable! Of course I wanted to tear off my clothes but just then, she grabbed my belt and pulled me closer to her, my mind was racing just thinking about what was about to happen in her changing room. We could hear others outside milling around which made it risky but so hot and sexy!

She began to very slowly unbuckle my belt, unbuttoned and slowly unzipped my jeans and slowly pulled my jeans to my ankles. I slipped out of my shoes and stepped out of my jeans with each foot, one at a time. She ran her hands under my shirt, up my belly and looked up at me with her very sexy blue eyes and blonde hair. She could see that my package was growing larger and she had me very aroused. As her hands came back down from my chest and belly, she slid her fingers inside the waistband of my underwear and slowly pulled them down as my hard cock sprang out to greet her with excitement. I also stepped out of them and pulled my light sweater and t-shirt off over my head. Now we were both completely naked in her changing room. How that felt so hot and sexy, to be completely naked with her in that situation!

She reached around my body and with both hands grabbed my ass and pulled me a little closer still. With one hand she began to tickle my balls and they responded by tightening, her fingers felt so warm and amazing. With her other hand she gently grabbed my rock hard cock and began to lick and kiss it over every inch before she placed her lips over my engorged head. I began to drip by this point and she licked it off the head of my cock and began to lick and suck just my engorged head. It felt like all the blood had ran to the head of my cock, it was so incredibly hard at this point. She made love to my cock with her mouth and she was very masterful at her craft! She loved to please my cock with her mouth and we both softly moaned as she enjoyed licking and sucking the head of my cock. It made me so aroused with her enthusiasm as she enjoyed pleasing and enjoying my cock. She was just holding my shaft for several minutes as her lips made love to my head and then began to slowly stroke the shaft of my cock as she continued to suck the head of my cock Then she began to slowly take me deeper into her mouth. She began to slowly fuck my cock with her mouth, ever so slow, making sure her tongue rubbed the bottom of my engorged head with each pass in and out. Mmmm, it felt so good and I was enjoying it so much. I lightly grabbed the back of her head but let her do all the moving, I just wanted her to know I wanted her and I wanted to touch her. I ran my fingers through her hair as she continued to suck me, in and out and lick me. I could feel my juices working there way up my shaft and it felt so amazing! My cock was so hard and aroused and the feeling rising up through my shaft gave me the most euphoric feeling, I wanted to moan so loud and tell her how she was giving me so much pleasure as I felt the juices ever so slowly moving up the shaft of my cock to my hard, engorged head, throbbing with pure pleasure! All I could do was watch her as she enjoyed me and relax and let her bring me to the brink of orgasm. After several minutes of pure pleasure, I had to gently pull away so I wouldn't cum in her mouth. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes as to question why I stopped, but she really already knew the answer to that question and could see it in my eyes......I wanted more and didn't want to cum yet.

I was so turned on at this point I wanted and needed to taste her. First I bent over to kiss her warm, moist lips and I fondled her awesome breasts, she played with my balls as we passionately kissed for several minutes. I love it so much when she plays with and gently tickles my balls, I could have stayed there for much longer. But I wanted to taste her so I stopped, knelt down in front of her and gently taking each leg from below, raised her legs enough to expose her amazing pussy. I bent down and slowly began to lick and kiss her from her belly button to her ass, not missing a single inch of her skin. It was my turn to make love to her and please her with my mouth. Working my way to her labia, spreading each side with my tongue and licking and kissing her labia, up and down each side. I loved her scent and was thinking how much I enjoy pleasing her with my mouth, smelling her and tasting her. It was by far my favorite way to please her and enjoyed every sound she made. Then I slowly slid my mouth over her clit just to warm her up with anticipation, as she flinched with each pass. I began licking between her pussy and ass as she leaned back a bit more so I could have better access. I could tell by her moans she wanted me to keep licking there, so I continued to lick and kiss her there working my way to her ass and when my tongue slowly slid over her ass she let out a big breath and a soft moan. I continued to lick and kiss her ass for a minute or two, then worked my way back to her most beautiful sacred garden. Her legs spread wide open for me as she is holding them up in the air......Man, want a perfect and beautiful sight!!

Splitting her labia down the middle with my tongue, I inserted my tongue inside her as far as I could, slowly moving it around up and down and from side to side so she could feel the sensation of my tongue inside her. She is dripping on my tongue and mouth and her juices taste so good, I want more! I ran my tongue up and down her pussy several times, enjoying her and listening to her moans as she lightly grabbed the back of my head. Reaching her clit I began to slowly and gently lick around it with a different rhythm and motion each time. Just giving her enough direct touch on her clit to work her up very slowly. Then I began to apply a little more pressure with my tongue and lips as I am licking, sucking and kissing her pussy and clit, when she began to apply more pressure to my head. Her breathing started to get heavier and her moans, which were still very soft, were more frequent now. Stopping at just the right spot she said yes, right there, and I began to circle her clit and then run my tongue back and forth. She is breathing very hard now and pulls my head onto her pussy with a little more pressure. Pulling her head back and her pelvis toward me, she starts to let out hard breaths while holding back her load moans, softly squeaking as she is having orgasm after orgasm and trying stay quite. After several thrusts of her pelvis, now holding my head firmly against her pussy, she rides her orgasm for as long as she can. Then she pulls both hands hard and presses my mouth hard against her pelvis as I suck and lick her clit with my tongue, she lets out a huge breath for several seconds and emits the most beautiful airy moan as to let go and give into her cock is dripping like a faucet. I can tell she was exhausted and she lets go and relaxes every muscle, drops her hands and just sits back against the wall. I love the expression of total satisfaction on her face and move back up to her lips and we continue to kiss with a passionate kiss, our tongues inside each other's mouths so she can taste her juices off my mouth. She loves it so much and as I am on my knees in front of her, wraps her arms around my head and her legs around my upper body while she enjoys tasting her own pussy juices off my mouth and tongue. I take one finger and then a second and insert them inside her pussy, slowly pulling them out with her juices all over them and bring them up to her mouth and we continue to kiss as we both lick off her juices from my figers.

After kissing her and letting her rest of a minute or two, I put out my hand, she takes it and I pull her up off the bench and gently turn her around, placing her hands on the bench. As she is bent over and her beautiful ass and pussy are exposed, I have to have one more taste of her amazing pussy. I bend down and lick and kiss her one more time from behind. She moans with pleasure and says, baby that is so good, I want you. Running my hands on her amazing ass one more time I stand up, I take my rock hard, dripping cock, work it all around her hot, wet pussy and slowly penetrate her from behind. Just allowing the head to enter her, she let out a soft moan. Her pussy felt so good, so warm and wet. I slowly penetrated her over and over with just the engorged head of my cock, we are both so wet and dripping, softly moaning, we both want more. So, I slowly slide my entire shaft inside her from behind and as my pelvis meets her ass, I stay there for just a few moments, holding her hips and pulling her back toward me while pushing deeper and deeper inside her. We both take in a very deep breath, just enjoying the feeling of my cock deep inside her. Then slowly pulling my cock back, penetrating her over and over, in and out, feeling the sides of her awesome, hot, wet pussy rubbing my rock hard cock with each slow thrust. We are both so hot and wet there is no stopping now, I continue to thrust my rock hard, throbbing, cock deep inside her, holding her hips and feeling the juices working there way back up my shaft. Continuing to thrust my cock inside her slowly, it feels so amazing, I tell her I am going to cum and she tells me that she wants it. I continue to thrust my cock inside her amazing pussy until I feel it filling the head of my cock like and geyser ready to explode. I am holding it and holding it not wanting the feeling and moment to end, but just can't hold it anymore, I am at the point of no return. I gently pull her hips toward me and thrust my cock as deep as I possibly can just as I explode my load deep inside her. I let out and little louder moan as she does also. I'm sure we were heard on that one, but there was no stopping it. I continued to slowly thrust in and out, feeling every drop deposited inside her.

Then after gently resting on her back, with my cock still inside her for a few moments, I slowly pulled out. She turned and took my cock in her hand and put it in her mouth again, licking off every drip of cum and her juices. Mmmm, she is so sexy, gorgeous and a hot, awesome lover. I bent down on my knees again as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in to give me a taste of both of our juices from her mouth. Mmmmm, it was so hot and passionate! We both stood and embraced and ran our hands over each other's naked bodies for several minutes as our breathing slowed. Then we began to put our clothes back on.

Then, she said she didn't like any of the outfits and we left the changing room. As we left we noticed the store clerk and a couple other ladies huddles together chatting and watching us as we were leaving. Hopefully they heard a good show and got worked up enough to head home and give their husbands and great time that night. We chuckled about it and had a great story to talk about for many weeks after.

And that was just day one!
A Male Massage to Remember
Posted:Apr 16, 2020 1:03 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 11:01 am
I had always wanted a naked from another man. I found a masseuse a website who would come my home and preform a one hour while naked, so I booked him, picking a day I knew my wife would be gone for the day.

He arrived at my home right on time and brought his own massage table and supplies for the massage. I was very nervous but my surprise he was a very good looking man in his late 30's about 6'2" tall and seemed very well built. I let him in and took him upstairs to the bedroom where he proceeded to set up his table, sheets, music and oil. He instructed me to go ahead and get naked and lay the table as he would then disrobe. I lay the table my chest as I watched him take off his clothes. He first pulled his t-shirt over his head and wow was he built, ripped I should say. Then he unbuckled his pants and slid them off, it was only getting better. But then he slid down his underwear and WOW, there he stood, amazingly ripped and his cock was so nice. He was beginning to be aroused knowing that I was watching him and I could tell he was well endowed, probably about 8 inches or so was my guess. He walked over to the table and explained that I should totally relax and he would do all the work and if I wanted to touch his body as he massaged , that would be okay.

He began by applying oil to my back and massaged my back as he stood at my side, his strong, warm hands felt really good on my body, perfect pressure and rhythm as he rubbed his hands all over the back of my body. He moved from one side to the other working my back as I continued to relax and enjoy his hands on my naked body. He would slightly rub his body against my hands that dangled over the side of the table, which was turning . Then he came the front of the table and began working my shoulders. His body was now positioned between both my hands and I lifted both and began gently rubbing his skin, feeling his muscular build. I started at his legs and worked my way his ass, damn was it tight, I wish I had an ass like that and really enjoyed touching him. I stayed there rubbing my hands his ass as he was rubbing my shoulders. He asked if I liked it, I asked what, the shoulder rub or your ass. He chuckled and said, no the pressure, is it alright, I said yes it was perfect. I continued caressing his ass with my hands until he moved one corner of the head of the table. He pressed his body onto my left arm as he straddled it. He continued to rub my left shoulder and work it individually. I turned my head to the side and there was his cock, touching my arm and about 3/4 erect. I thought I may never get a chance like this again and took his cock in my hand, giving it a few slow strokes until he was completely erect. It felt so good in my hands, so warm, and perfect, feeling the weight of it in the palm of my hand was just so different than holding my own cock in my hand. Then I placed my hand through his legs to his ass and gently felt his ass and balls. Continuing to fondle his balls for a few seconds, his cock was now fully erect and there it was, just inches from my mouth. Such a beautiful cock with a very nice cut head. I pulled my hand his fully erect shaft and began slowly stroking him, he moaned a few times as he continued rubbing my shoulder and back. Then he moved my right shoulder and side.

I was now feeling a little more comfortable with touching his amazing naked body since I have never touched a man's body, let alone his balls and cock I continued fondling his balls and stroking his cock with my right hand. Then I figured, what the heck, I am going for it. So I moved a little closer, taking his full 8 inches of rock hard manhood in my hand and brought my mouth to his cock and took him inside my mouth. Wow, this was the very first time I ever had a man's cock in my mouth.....I liked it. I licked under his head because I knew how much I liked it and slowly enjoyed his head with my mouth and tongue, then took all of his cock in my mouth that I could. Stroking his cock in and out with my mouth and he was enjoying it. I thought, I am sucking this guys cock, wow!! As I began to loose myself in the moment, I continued sucking his cock as he massaged my shoulder, making love to the head of his awesome cock with my lips and tongue, until he backed away with his eyes opening wide. He had that look that he was about to cum and didn't want to. So he continued to work his way down my body, massaging my legs, feet and working his way to my ass. Then when he started massaging my ass, it felt so amazing and I love to have my ass rubbed anyway. But he did an awesome job sensually rubbing my ass and stayed there for a while, hearing my moans and knowing that I was really enjoying it.

When he was finished with my ass, he asked me to roll over on my back, exposing my rock hard, dripping cock to him. He continued the massage of my front, starting with my feet, legs, then belly, chest and shoulders and it felt great. When I could reach his ass or his cock I would rub, fondle and stroke him as much as possible. I would even reach rub his pecks if they were in reach, he seemed enjoy any of the touching I was doing. But when he was done with massaging my front, he worked his way down to my lower belly and pelvis, rubbing both gently and then applying a little more pressure on my pelvis, mmmmm it felt so good and I let him know it with my moans. He had my cock rock hard and dripping again! Then he worked his hands down my thighs and to my balls, first the sides and then directly over my balls. I was really moaning now and my cock was fully erect and rock hard, all 6.5 inches pointing straight at him. He continued lightly rubbing my balls and he could tell by my moans I was really enjoying it so he spend some extra time there. I could tell he was hard as well because I had his rock hard cock in my hand, slowly stroking him. He then pulled away a bit and took his hand and lightly ran it from my balls straight the shaft of my cock He applied a little more oil and rubbed it onto my rock hard shaft. Then began to slowly stroke my cock I let out a louder moan with the first stroke, which felt so good! I thought wow, this is so good and I am getting my cock stroked by this awesomely sexy and ripped man! He took his free hand and began to gently rub my balls until he could hear my moans getting louder and louder. I could feel the juices working there way slowly my shaft and the feeling was so great! He took his time with nice slow strokes and I was enjoying every second of the pleasure he was giving me. Then took his free hand and worked a finger toward my ass, rubbed and gently applied pressure, as to slightly enter my ass. Within a minute or two I was moaning louder and faster and he could tell I was about to cum, and then there it was....OMG, I can't hold it any more and it feels so amazing, I shot a load 18 inches in the air. He looked at me and said, Mmmm nice man. Then took most of my cum in his hand, told me to roll back over onto my belly and wiped my cum off his hand.

He came back to the table and I wanted to take his cock back into my mouth but he said, wait just a minute. So I am laying there on my belly and after putting more oil on his hands begins to rub my ass again. Man, I am really enjoying it now because he is concentrating on just my ass, taking his hand down my crack and rubbing very close to my ass. I am moaning louder and louder and he begins applying pressure to my ass with his finger, still rubbing my ass but slowing down to apply pressure in just the right spot. Taking both hands on each side of my ass, rubbing his thumbs firmly over my ass, applying a lot of pressure.....It feels amazing and I want more!! He continued with that for several minutes and then stopped at my ass and slowly inserted his finger inside my ass. I let out a loud moan again and said, Ahhh yes, that feels so good. After slowly penetrating my ass with one finger for a minute or so, he added a second finger and I moaned even louder. I could grab his cock again and he was rock hard and I could feel him leaking, so I played with the head of his cock with his pre-cum for lube, he moaned a few times as well. He is penetrating my ass with his fingers and I am rubbing the head of his cock with my hand. I could have stayed in that moment for an hour but after a few minutes he slowly pulled away and gently removed his fingers from my ass. I noticed him wiping off his hands.

Then I felt a pressure against the back of the massage table, turned to look at him as he was climbing onto the table. I thought he was getting onto the table for better leverage but then I could feel the warmth of his body as he lay on me and then thought... OMG he is going to fuck me with his rock hard 8 inches of pure manhood! I have never been fucked by a man before, only my dildos. He gently lay his body on mine and directed the head of his cock to my already lubed ass. I raised my hips a little to let him know I wanted him and to accommodate him. He slowly slid the engorged head of his rock hard, dripping cock into my ass and I let out a loud moan of pleasure as I felt him enter me. Working just the head in and out a few times, I could feel the warmth of his mouth on my neck. He asked if I liked it and was it comfortable. I said, yes.....I want you! So I lifted my hips a little more and he slowly penetrated my ass with the entire shaft of his amazing cock. I let out a very load moan of pleasure and he began to slowly penetrate me in and out. I could feel every inch of his shaft rubbing the sides of my ass and it felt amazing. His body laying on me, slow, long thrusts of his cock inside my ass, I couldn't even believe it was happening! But I was enjoying it so much! Then he began to increase his pace taking long strokes and as he did I let him know that I was enjoying it and wanting him. I asked him to give it to me however he wanted. He then began fucking my ass harder and harder and all I could say was, yes, yes, give it to me, fuck me, fuck me! It was better than I could have ever imagined!! He moved to his knees pulling my hips with him and I moved my hands and knees as he continued fuck , in and out, harder and harder and I could hear and feel him slapping against my ass. He held my hips firmly and pulled back onto him as he was thrusting his long cock inside my ass. He was now fucking hard and I loved it. He began moaning louder and louder and slowed down a very nice rhythm. After several more thrusts inside my hot ass, he let out a loud moan of pleasure for several seconds or so and he shot his huge load of cum inside my ass and continued slowly thrusting his cock into my ass to empty every ounce he had for .

We both laid down beside each other for a minute so he could catch his breath. We got from the table and cleaned a bit. We talked about how that was awesome and he said he has never done that before. He usually ends with a happy ending for the but never has felt he wanted go farther but said he had have . He said, he really enjoyed my stoking and sucking him and then when he played with my ass he was really turned and wanted fuck . We gave each other a hug and he left.

Damn, that was an experience I'm sure I will never have again. The first cock I ever played with, sucked and the first time a man has ever fucked me. Maybe the last, who knows??
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A night on the road!
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 10:43 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2020 9:23 am
While at a conference in Atlanta I had nothing do one evening, so I decided a local sports and bourbon bar located in my hotel. Being by myself I sat at the bar and ordered my favorite bourbon. As the bartender brought my bourbon, I thanked her and when she moved away, I noticed a beautiful lady who just came in and sat across the bar from me. She was a striking blond with a very put together curvy body. Our eyes caught each other's and I could see how beautiful her blue eyes were. I lifted my glass to her and ordered her a drink from our bartender. She delivered her drink and she nodded to me in thanks. I raised my glass to her and noticed how she raised her eyebrows. I took it as an invitation to come sit with her. So I grabbed my drink and moved to her side of the bar. She smiled as I approached her and gestured as to offer me the seat next to her. As she thanked me again for the drink I sat next to her and introduced myself. Explained why I was there and she also explained the circumstances that found her there on the road and alone.

We carried on a great conversation for an hour or so and as the conversation go more and more personal I noticed her drawing a bit closer to me, so I drew in toward her as well. Our arms were now touching each other and when I first touched her, she looked me in the eyes and smiled. We finished our drinks and I ordered another round. We continued to get to know each other better and I started to get a bit closer to her, turning my stool toward her and touching her more often, her shoulder and then her leg. There was a sexual tension building and we continued to talk even more intimately while looking into each other's eyes. She had on a very pretty light summer dress that was an off white with yellow flowers that came down to a few inches above her knees. I had my hand on her left thigh and slowly ran it down toward her knee. As I was looking into her eyes and my hand slid under her dress just above her knee, her eyes opened wider and she gave me a small little smile. I continued to slide my hand her thigh but in a way nobody would notice. I noticed she closed her eyes as I moved upward and moved my hand her inner thigh and she took a big breath and let it out as I neared her sweet spot. As I reached it she quivered a little and looked at with wide open eyes. She also noticed that I took a big breath as I noticed she did not have panties . She felt amazing, cleanly shaven and silky smooth. As we looked into each other's eyes, I gently fondled her for a minute and she slowly reached down to put her hand on my package. She felt so warm and smooth and I wanted her. With her hand on my package, she could certainly tell that I wanted her too, as I had a very defined hard on. She slid her fingers down across my balls and then back my hard cock and gave it a soft squeeze. I asked her if she would like go my room. She said yes, so I paid the bill and we proceeded walk the the elevator as I placed my hand in the small of her back.

We were quite as we walked to the elevator and as soon as the door closed, I turned to her, gently grabbed her face and began kissing her. The kisses were a little hard at first because of the built tension from the bar, but by the time we reached my floor, the kissing had settled into a warm, smooth rhythm and into a passionate moment together. The doors opened and we stopped long enough to make it to the room. We got into the room and the kissing continued, as we stood by the door. Our hands now slowly moving and down each other's body's as get acquainted with each other. Feeling every inch of each other's body's that we could reach as we stood in a passionate embrace and our lips enjoying each other's lips. I moved her to my bed and reached down, slowly running my hands down her back, onto her perfectly round ass and down the back of her legs, took a hold of her dress and slowly lifted it . She stepped back a bit and raised her arms as I lifted her dress over her head. She then unbuttoned my shirt, kissing my chest and working her way down as she loosened the buttons, then, licking under my belly button, she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I brought her back into my arms and continued our passionate kissing as I removed her bra and she removed my shirt. She was totally naked and as I admired her beautiful body, she slid my pants down. Noticing that I did not have underwear on as well, she looked at and her eyes widened with approval as she knelt down. She gently took my rock hard cock in one hand and with her other put her fingers below my balls, softly caressed them and slowly tickled them as she slowly stroked with her hand, slowly and down and it felt so awesome. I stepped out of my pants as she used her hands help . As she came back , she slid her tongue my inner thigh, my balls and onto my cock, working her way to my engorged dripping head. As she looked at , holding my rock hard cock, she smiled and licked a large drop of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. She then took into her mouth and began to slowly and gently suck my cock paying special attention to my engorged head, enjoying the taste of my pre-cum which she loved because it was her arousing so. Licking under the head of my cock and then slowly taking it into her mouth. Her tongue making love to my cock as I have never felt before......and it felt amazing! She continued to enjoy my cock for a few minutes as she moaned with the enjoyment of hearing my moans of pleasure. I could tell she was enjoying herself very much and Wow, was I enjoying it!

After a few minutes I could feel the juices moving my shaft and it felt so amazing and I needed stop before I couldn't. Slowly pulling away, I gently laid her onto the bed, admired her beautiful naked body and climbed on top of her. I straddled her at her waist with my legs and I looked into her beautiful eyes. I began to run my hands on her soft belly and worked my way her large, awesome breasts. Her nipples were hard and demanding my attention. I began slowly and gently fondle her breasts and work my mouth around each of them. Kissing and licking every inch of her breasts. Stopping and paying very special attention to her hard, erect nipples. Taking them in my mouth, softly sucking, then licking each of them. Making love to her breasts with my mouth, licking and sucking, licking and sucking and listening to her enjoy it with her soft moans. After several minutes of worshiping her awesome breasts, I continued her neck and ears, kissing, licking and gently biting each in their own turn. While still straddling her, I worked my way back her mouth and we continued passionately kiss. She ran her hands down my back and slid them between us find my balls and cock and continued gently tickle my balls as she discovered, from my obvious moans of pleasure, that it really turned , and gently stroked my rock hard cock. She placed the head of my cock against her sweet, wet pussy and I slid my knees back just a bit so the head of my dripping, engorged cock was just touching her labia. Dripping her and kissing her passionately I slowly penetrated her with just the head of my cock. She raised her hips and moaned as I so slightly entered her with the engorged head of my cock, over and over again but ever so slowly. We passionately kissed and continued for several minutes. It felt so good, I didn't want stop and wanted to slide my rock hard cock deep inside her but I didn't.

Leaving her warm, moist lips, I started to work down her chest with my mouth, kissing and licking every inch of her soft, smooth skin the way down her chest, then belly. Coming her pelvis, she ran her hands my back and softly placed them my shoulders and spreading her legs a little wider, let know she was giving herself . I gently worked my hands her belly, feeling her warm skin as I slid my tongue just above her sweet spot. Kissing, sucking and licking so slow and gentle to let her know that I was not in a hurry to please her and was going to take my time. She was so smooth and her scent was intoxicating.....I could stay there night! I then worked my tongue and mouth down the crease of her leg and pussy, licking and kissing every inch of her amazing succulent garden. Working my way around both sides, top and bottom. Gently licking, kissing and sucking every inch of her skin. As she raised her hips ever so slightly I slid my tongue her right labia, around her engorged clit and down her left labia. Her moans getting louder and louder as I neared her vagina and her clit. Enjoying her scent and taste of her skin I wanted taste her juices. Taking my tongue I slowly licked the bottom of her pussy, then split her labia apart and entered her with my tongue. She let out a moan that was pure joy to my ears! I continued to slide my tongue her pussy, deep inside her and ever so light and she moaned and moaned while enjoying worshiping her pussy. Each time I reached her clit I would gently circle it and work my way back down her pussy, making love her with my mouth, kissing, gently sucking and licking every inch of her, tasting her juices and making drip over the sheets.

As her moans got louder I worked my way back her pussy, enjoying myself as I went and stopped this time at her clit. Gently working my tongue around her clit while listening to her moans get louder and louder. I then took my whole tongue, applied a little more pressure and slowly licked her clit.....she let out a load moan and grabbed my head, holding it there. I continued gently lick her clit as she continued hold the back of my head. Letting her control the pressure, I licked her, gently sucked her and tasted her while enjoyed hearing her sounds so much, I was in heaven! She let off on the pressure and I started circle her clit again with a little more pressure and also going side side and and down. Taking her the edge every time and holding her there for just a moment, then moving back off again. She was now moaning so loud I loved it so! Applying more pressure against her she started tell yes, yes, right there, right there, she wanted take her over the edge this time. Letting out the loudest moan for several seconds as she reached orgasm.....It was amazing and knowing I gave her so much pleasure was so arousing . She lay there for a moment regain her composure and then got and with a bit of aggression, pushed back the foot board of the bed. I could feel that she wanted please .

Kneeling the bed I sat back the foot board exposing my cock her as she lay her stomach. She was so sexy as I could see her whole body and magnificent ass. Her body was so perfect, not athletic but very curvy and beautiful. She took my rock hard, dripping cock in her hand and licked the pre-cum off the head. Looked in the eyes and continued make love my cock with her mouth like I have never had it before! OMG, it felt so awesome!! Her tongue, lips and mouth licking, sucking and kissing my cock as we both moaned. She was enjoying it so and I was in heaven and didn't want her to stop. She continued for several minutes, making love to my cock with her mouth and taking me deep inside her mouth, stroking my shaft with her mouth and tongue, then licking and sucking my engorged head as both our moans continued. Then she took some pre-cum with her finger and slid her hand down under my balls to my ass. She gently stroked my ass applying my pre-cum for lube with her finger as she continued to make love to my cock, taking me deep inside her mouth over and over again, while rubbing my ass with her fingers. The sensation of her mouth making amazing love to my hard shaft and her rubbing my ass was an amazing combination. She was turning me on like never before. Then she gently pressed her finger and entered my ass and I let out a very loud moan. It felt so amazing! She is taking my cock deep into her mouth and penetrating my ass with her finger. She slowly penetrated my ass with one finger, then two fingers while she sucked with such passion, I wanted stay in this moment forever but now I can feel my load working it's way my shaft. I certainly didn't want cum yet, so I stopped her, explaining why, which she already knew....dah! Laying her down her back I went back down her and continued give her more orgasms with my mouth while working my finger inside her and her ass. She lay her side for a few seconds catch her breath.

Her pussy was so wet and she tasted so damn good, I could have stayed down there enjoying her pussy night long. I gently rolled her over on her back and could sense that she wanted inside her and I wanted be inside her as well. I worked my way back where our mouths met yet again. This time letting the head of my rock hard cock enter her again. I stayed there as we continued passionately enjoy each other's lips. Our mouths enjoyed each other so much I wanted stay right there. But I knew she was ready and wanted more of . I then slowly slid my cock deep inside her and with our lips pressed together, we both moaned into each other's hot, wet mouths. OMG, she felt so amazing!! The mood was so passion I continued slowly penetrate her amazing pussy, in and out with my rock hard cock. The penetration was so very slow, making sure we both felt every inch of the pleasure we were experiencing. After having earlier stopped a few times and working myself back , it fortunately took much longer get there again. The kissing was so passionate and the sensation of her awesome, hot, wet, pussy rubbing every inch of my, long, rock hard, throbbing cock with each slow and deliberate thrust, was amazing!! Our arms wrapped tightly around each other's body and her legs wrapped around my ass, we were one in a truly intimate moment together. After several minutes of such intense pleasure, I could feel my load working it's way my hard shaft. My moans got louder and faster as I was getting closer cumming and her arms and legs tightened around my body, letting know she wanted cum inside her. It slowly worked it's way my long shaft and built for a minute or so and I knew it was going be a huge load. I could feel that I was going explode inside her and could anticipate the pleasure as the juices worked their way my long shaft! As I moaned louder and more frequent she tightened her arms and legs even more and then I was there, I couldn't hold it in any longer. My body took over and my muscles were no longer under my control. OMG, I was at the point of no return and the build was so large it felt amazing. Here it is and I can't control it and I am going cum inside her. Our mouths still in a passionate kiss, I let out a series of loud moans, almost a scream, that lasted for several seconds, as I emptied myself into her. She felt it and let out several deep moans as well. We both opened our eyes at that moment and looked into each other's eyes as we moaned together into each other's mouths. It was such a very hot and passionate moment! I gently grabbed her head and kissed her mouth hard and passionately for several minutes as I stayed deep inside her and lay there.

We rested for a bit, went back down to the bar for another drink and a few snacks and I ask her if she could stay longer, she said yes. So that night we continued to please and enjoy each other the rest of the night, enjoying and pleasing each other's body's over and over. She had several more orgasms and I enjoyed her taste and scent many more times. She enjoyed my cock several more times and wanted to take my load in her mouth, and did! Mmmmm, it was amazing and she was beautiful, sexy, warm, smooth and an awesome lover!

What a night on the road!!

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