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Welcome to the coffee house. Have a good ole cup of coffee and enjoy learning about parts of my life.
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Your Secrets stay here with me
Posted:Dec 22, 2019 6:40 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 8:23 am
You can tell me your darkest secrets and they will stay here between you and I, they are safe here with me.
May you all find happiness in your life. Enjoy your day.

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Posted:Nov 25, 2019 8:10 pm
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 3:54 am
I have meet a few this site and had some great conversation and a nice meal, and others I have talked with said we will get together soon and gave kinds of excuses. Then you ghost . Then of a sudden, you decided come back around, what, for another night where you fuck , and I never here from you again till you can't find any else. If you were interested in me , you would have not left in the first place. I am good enough too fuck but not anything else and I am done. You tell me you want to take things slow, but you are saying I am just a fuck and that's . Guess what, No More. You can go find another fuck because Light is tried of putting her heart out their and be taken advantage of. I know what you are thinking I am nice and Light will be there if I can not find anyone else. Well good man you are so wrong this time around. I am tried of being nice and letting people take advantage of me. It stops now!!!! If I am not your first choice then you do not need me. I know I am not skinny, or a supper model but I would have been a good friend to you and when I see some one I do not go on that person, but you thought the grass was greener on the other side and now you want come around, not going happen. Most of you I have meet ghost me and there will not be another chance, so , do yourself a favor and lose my number. You are not men, cause if any of you were, you would not be this low. No wonder you can't keep a women because of the way you treat her. I am so done being your fall bac
Sick of all your games. Most in this list are guys talk the shit and head games and I am calling you all out. Life is too short and u don't have time for the drama from any man. There are about four men on this list that I have actually been intimate with.
Update May 2020:
This list keeps getting longer and longer. You say you want to meet and we plan on meeting but you do not show up well, guess what now I do not give any more chances at all. I did give people a second chance but now it's come down to not giving you that chance. If you really wanted to meet ,you would have showed in the dang first place. This just tells me that you are not worth my time and I deserve better than this.

Happy Fourth of July
Posted:Jul 4, 2020 9:31 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 11:54 am

Your Body, Your Touch
Posted:Jul 3, 2020 9:52 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 1:12 pm
Your feelings in a group of touring innocence
travel up North towards trust and sincerity
in sweet submissive care like a carefully rubbed suede.
You put day light into your entrapment
for noontide to go nonstop.

Caress from yonder, massage from under
your skirts make appetite nonchalantly mourn
your legs present so nutraceutical to manly weakness.
If your bones are licked by wild beasts
the jungle would be protected by the ghost of sweet affection.
If the rains fall through the planes of your body
vapours of lust and desires will spring out of the Earth.

Your expensive flare, expresses you as a needed nougat
sliding pleasurably though wet lips in a greasy enjoyment of noodles
with aroma and taste capping up a nouvelle cuissine.
Night is dead from your day-long engaging chemistry
making the aggression of your nubile emission
in ration to any attempted resistance an improper fraction
when the night's light strike your contrasting body
for the creation of a mobile image so dark and graceful,
nature will sit down beauty for a serious interview.

This Sucks
Posted:Jun 29, 2020 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2020 12:36 pm

I see now why everyone bitches about the site. Being a standard member you can not do anything at all, believe me I have tried. Today I sit down and sent them an email on how to improve and it was about the price. So far I have not heard back from them. When I was on in 2003, you could do a whole lot more without paying for it. There are a lot of people on the site that can not afford these kind of prices like myself. If you are on disability you have a limited income and it does not leave much left to enjoy entertainment like this site. I myself see no point in coming on the site any more. I will check my Blog for private messages and to do some Blogs but other than that I will not be on.
Posted:Jun 27, 2020 3:24 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2020 8:40 am
Update: I appreciate each and everyone of your friendship and your comments right now and I have been a bottle of nerves. I have been crying since I've heard the news and I cannot stop crying .I cannot eat or sleep. Myy mother has chronic kidney failure stage 4 and she has told me and my sister and the doctor she did not want to go on dialysis so at this point there's nothing much left the doctors can do and I'm not in my right mind at this point I'm not thinking straight or anything . All I do is cry on and off. Pretty much of my life I've been a loner and I don't have any female friends to talk to or anyone to talk to about my life and what goes on so that's why I do the blogs some of it I can't express but I can only put it into poems. If any of you need me for anything all you have to do is send me a message on my blog and I will respond if you want my information I will send that to you to keep in touch as well. Some of you have my personal contact info use it if you need me I'm not the only one that needs to keep in touch, it works both ways but I just need prayers right now and that's where I'm at today with my life. Today I found out my cousin past away and now my mother was going to have a hip surgery but now she can not have that due to other health issues. When you think things are going right in your life, it falls apart in a minute. I know life is not always easy and the Lord does not give you any more than you can handle. Life is apart of death. We are all on this Earth for a short time and death is about celebrating the life of a person who past. This pathway through life feels unbearable and I don't have the strength for this mountain that is weighing on my shoulders now.
Today is not promise to any one of us. My heart is heavy. Take the time to enjoy your family and friends. Never take them for granted, cause one day it will be too late to tell them how you feel. Don't be afarid to say I love you or to give them a hug or even a kiss . This is all weighing on me and even though I know with God's help that it will pass, but it's just so hard to accept it and move on. This will take me some time.
To each and everyone of you what ever you are going through in life please pray about it and talk to people. It does help. I hope you all find some peace in your life know matter what you are going through. You know that saying take the time to smell the Roses, well do it.
If fate were kinder
Posted:Jun 26, 2020 10:23 am
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2020 4:48 pm
This is a poem i wrote for the man I met and loved. We had the perfect chemistry yet the sad fact is that he is already married. Both of us just wished upon the stars that in our new life, fate would be kinder us. We were together for 4 and then I knew it was time move on so I did,

If fate were kinder,
By now, we would be holding hands;
In each other's arms;
staring on both eyes,
Locking lips,
And laughing the contentment of our hearts.

If fate were kinder,
We would have dream't of our dreams;
And loved fully;
Feel that deep ecstasy and surrender;
Be drowned by eternal bliss;
If fate were just kinder.
The Kiss That Was
Posted:Jun 25, 2020 8:41 am
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2020 9:54 am
Have you ever had a kiss
that took you a bliss
and left you with shaking knees
the one you’d not dare miss

so intense it made you drift
a fall you’d not care lift
and your lot that is shift
seems budge in a swift

lose a grip, never a bit
those lips they seem fit
and with less than a heartbeat
your souls are apt meet
Another One Bites The Dust
Posted:Jun 23, 2020 6:29 pm
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2020 9:11 pm

I was talking to this guy for about a week now from another site and I asked him to video chat with me and he made a video so I could see he was real and I told him, I did not believe that video. Well then he had the nerve to ask me to help him with cash app. I told him I could not and I was not helping someone I have never meet before. It's funny when you tell people like this, straight to the point where to get off at, they turn everything around and call you the scammer. That is calling the kettle Black. Some people might be on the up and up, but I definitely will not help any one on line that I have never meet. I can not tell you how many times I have been asked for money, and so forth from people I have talked to on line that I have never meet. Just another day in my life.
Posted:Jun 19, 2020 8:17 am
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2020 9:42 am

What kind of porn are you into. Don't hold back. I am into, gay, twink.I get more wet and turned on seeing men doing it. I hope one see that in person. I guess that is why I would like have a partner who is Bi for a relationship because we all could and have fun.
None at all
25 Comments , 93 votes
Posted:Jun 15, 2020 4:39 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2020 11:42 am

Sit back and pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee or frappuccino or cappuccino on me. Enjoy the Monday humor.

Sat, morning

The 2.99 Special
We went to breakfast at a restaurant where the 'seniors' special' was two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for $2.99.

'Sounds good,' my wife said. 'But I don't want the eggs..'

'Then, I'll have to charge you $3.49 because you're ordering a la carte,' the waitress warned her.

'You mean I'd have to pay for not taking the eggs?' my wife asked incredulously.

'YES!' stated the waitress.. 'I'll take the special then,' my wife said..

'How do you want your eggs?' the waitress asked.

'Raw and in the shell,' my wife replied.

She took the two eggs home and baked a cake.

WE'VE been around the block more than once!
A True Gentleman
Posted:Jun 13, 2020 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2020 11:45 am
What can I say. I had a date tonight with a member and guess what he is original from Canada. He has been living in South Carolina for many years now but he still has his accent. He opened the doors for me and he even waited till I was seated before he sat down. He was so polite. Some of the men here in North Carolina are not at all like this. It was a nice change to have some one open doors for me. I felt special tonight. It's just something about Candaina men, I can't describe it but they know how to make a woman feel special and they are very nice. We laughed and talked and it was nice to be with someone not wanting to get the cookies right off the bat. If we do not see each other again, I can at least say I meet a new friend tonight. This was one of the best dates I have ever been on in a very long time.
Behind Her Smile
Posted:Jun 11, 2020 9:20 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2020 5:41 pm
She has the body you desire
Her presence an enigma
She lights up every room she enters
Fills it with charisma
Her smile is perfect, like her hair
She’s all you’d like to be
Somebody who has it all
Is the image that you see

Her body she despises
She battles with her mind
She hates the person that she is
To her beauty she is blind
She loathes the way she
Laughs out loud
The colour of her hair
She sees more imperfections
That really are not there

Her life seems so together
She’ll dance until she drops
She parties hard and pays her way
With every cork she pops
She travels to exotic shores
Filled with style and grace
Everyone admires her
And will recognise her face

She’s battled with an illness
Watched loved ones suffer too
She bares the scars that life has dealt
And struggles to get through
She’s felt the pain of grief and loss
Been bullied and betrayed
Wounded by a broken heart
Felt lonely and afraid

Don’t be fooled by your perception
Of how things seem to be
Everybody struggles
Disguising what you see
Learn how to avoid envy
To yourself be true
You won’t feel the need to criticise
If you’re satisfied with you


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