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How come men will say they love to give oral and never do it?  

Thicknessluv1313 35F
11 posts
3/16/2020 12:41 am
How come men will say they love to give oral and never do it?

I've met quit a lot of men say that they love giving oral and yet I've know these people long enough to see that not once did they eat pussy or even try to make the other person cum before themselves. Why say you do when it clearly says you don't? Lol I just find it very interesting šŸ˜‚
Hopefully I can get some more information from those men can help me understand why... Cause in my eyes at least..... That's a huge turn off.... Cause #1... You are telling lies... Which I can't stand it when people lie.. it's better to be straight up with the real than with bullshit... #2... It's a huge turn off when a man doesn't try to please the woman and only wants to get his nut... how selfish is that..... It's boring and not what a woman wants...

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 58M
526 posts
3/16/2020 8:13 am

Darlin, they don't call me the Go Down Cowboy for nuthin! I love to yodel in the valley! It is a huge turn on, for me, to bring a woman to Orgasm just using my lips, tongue and mouth. I love suckin on titties to! I am very oral!
I am giving you a Free Mustache ride offer...usable only until the end of the month, and my girlfriend has to be present! Cause, if you are bi...she would love to so you how she does it too! No reciprocation needed!
Good luck, and check out my blogs about eatin my gals pussy and tongue fukin her ass!

roustabout6 64M
110 posts
3/16/2020 8:44 am

You just picked the wrong men that's all.. Keep looking , you will find me..

gardenboy321 56M  
41190 posts
3/16/2020 8:55 am

I believe they are using it as bait. lol Personally, it's usually the first thing I do to a woman.

Thoughts from the Garden...

dudeunsure 48M
14 posts
3/16/2020 9:31 am

shame on them,, i always make sure the lady cums first,, mmm so much fun..

Joshlooking4you 42M
80 posts
3/16/2020 9:39 am

I bring a spoon just to catch the drips

SC4wheels 46M
369 posts
3/16/2020 10:17 am

I don't understand why people lie in their profile if they are looking to meet up in real life. The lies are going to be exposed. The internet is a strange place to try to meet people.

I_willoralu 45M
1526 posts
3/16/2020 10:28 am

Those men lied so they could get some pussy. You just need a man that really does love to eat pussy. Iā€™d eat your for hours

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Tothefullest5000 44M
2 posts
3/16/2020 10:36 am

Sorry for your bad expirience with that. On behalf of the men who really do.... don5 give up. I do that shit till my face hurts too much to continue..

FresnoWoman 49F
778 posts
3/16/2020 11:58 am

Like gardenboy and sttm said, they're using it as bait. You could start insisting on that first, and then leave before any PIV occurs if they refuse. Good luck. I mean that sincerely; there's a ton of bullshit being flung around and it gets tiring to wade through it.

A1Xpleaser 61M
409 posts
3/17/2020 2:25 am

I don't make the promise, I just do it! The women I've been with seemed to really enjoy it.

cumlethavefun57 63M
52 posts
3/20/2020 6:55 pm

Stop hanging out with the wrong men who don't like going down on a woman as I love eating licking pussy and also love to rim butthole

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