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Posted:Apr 7, 2020 9:29 am
Last Updated:May 1, 2020 6:09 am

I’m imagining you standing here naked in front of me, offering me your breasts. For me to lean into you and breath your natural scent. Fill my lungs with your invisible aroma that sends chemicals rushing to my brain. Automatically making me harder still and causes my hardness to leak its glistening fluid.

As you place one of your nipples to my lips, I can now taste your salty sweet skin. I automatically have to take it into my mouth, I have to gorge myself on it. Your hardness on my tongue, increasing mine still. Still on your first nipple, my oozing continues and a drop of my clear liquid strings its way to the floor

You offer me your other breast. My tongue slowly, slowly circles its nipple and I feel its increased hardness. After a while of teasing you, and myself, I part my lips and start to suck you. Very gently at first, but increasing hard as I need you in my mouth. I’m lost in the moment and find myself taking you deeper and deeper into my mouth. Occasionally I release you, just to look again at your pertness, your soaking wet nipple.

You reach down with your hand and find the end of my hardness. Taking a finger you rub the end of my gland and find my warm stickiness. You coat your finger with my ooziness and then slowly bring it up to your other breast, spreading the clear liquid around and around your areole and finally over your aching nipple.

You quietly whisper to me – asking me to suck you clean. I transfer my eyes to this new delight and immediately without first licking you, I take as much of you as I can in my mouth. The mixture of my taste and your smell intoxicate me and I gorge on you again, lost in the pleasure of moment.

I give you one last lick to make sure your breast is clean. Thoroughly clean, unlike your mind. I have no wish to clean your dirty, dirty mind. I know where it will go. You know mine is filthy too and how together our minds will cause us to test each other’s boundaries and take us both to new heights of intense pleasure.

I tell you to close your eyes and stay exactly where you are. I walk over to the minibar and take out an icy cold white wine. As I slowly uncork the bottle, I watch you standing there naked by the bed. My eyes feast themselves again on your breasts I love their pertness and smile as my previous attentions still have your nipples rock hard. I know they ache for more attention. I pour myself a glass of the wine and lift it up to my nose to take in its zesty fragrance. I ask you to turn around. I want to look at your arse. I love how it is perfectly curved. You’re so beautiful, so fucking sexy.

I walk back towards you and take another drink of wine, before placing the glass down on the bed side table next to you. Bringing you close to me, I kiss your lips, slipping my tongue quickly into your mouth and fully kiss you. Slowly with my tongue, I feed you the cold wine. The taste and chill take you by surprise, shocking your senses. I feed you a little bit more teasing your taste buds, before you swallow it. We continue our slow kiss, our tongues exploring each other. The mixture of wine lingering with our saliva. This first moment of sharing something so special. You feel the hardness of my cock against your tummy as I pull you closer, pressing my heat into yours.

I break our kiss and take another glass of wine. The contrast to your lips is profound. The coldness verse your heat, the hardness of the glass to that of your soft melty lips. I need to kiss you again. My tongue parts your lips and slowly our mouths come together, but this time, I allow some of the wine to dribble out and you feel the cold liquid run down your chin. Again, I release some more wine, giving you some to taste again, but allow much more to run out. It runs down your neck and you feel it running between your hot breasts, further it runs, down.

I take another large drink of the wine and return to you. You’re eager for more wine and of course my tongue. Still with your eyes closed you offer me your lips. I however bend down and take a breast in my hand, lifting the nipple up towards my mouth, touching it with my lips I tease it with the cold liquid within. Opening my mouth fully I enclose the whole of your sensitive areole and engulf it with wine and start to suck you. It’s now like you are a goddess with wine for milk. My sex goddess offering me her nectar. I suck on you like a hungry , no more like a warrior after a hard battle, I must quench myself on you.

I do the same with your other breast, until the warrior within is at least momentary appeased. Taking yet more wine I return to your nakedness before me. Taking your breasts in both hands I bring them together, then pressing my month to the softness of your neck I let the wine slowly trickle down into the small valley between them. I love the sight, but slowly, very slowly part your breasts again, allowing the wine to trickle down again. It runs down over your belly and down between your legs. Standing back a little I obverse its trail. I yearn to follow it.

Kneeling before you, my tongue re-finds its snaking trail below your chest. I touch your skin again with my tongue and gentle trace it downwards, slowly, very slowly towards your belly button, where I pause a while letting my tongue circle it. Around and around gently tickling you there. My tongue continues to work its way down, down towards the heat, the wetness between your legs.

I pull back a little from your body, transfixed by the line between your pussy lips, my eyes following it until it disappears between the gap between your legs. You want my tongue to touch you there, to separate your lips and find your little bud within. You want my tongue to circle you there, you want my tongue to taste your natural slippery nectar. You shuffle your feet ever so on the carpet, just to widen the gap between your legs a little, hoping to invite me in. I lean in again and you feel your legs going weak with the anticipation. But I want to do something else first.

I rest my forehead on your lower belly and my nose resting just above your now swollen lips. I just breathe. I want to breathe the essence of your womanhood. Slowly at first, my breathing becomes deeper and deeper as I fill my lungs with your musky scent. Fuck, your smell makes me insane with lust. My heart pumps around my testosterone laded blood and makes the glan of my cock swell wider and wider. I clutch your arse with my hands and pull you closer still, pushing my nose deep into your vulva. I’m so intoxicated by you. I keep breathing you in, each breath filling me with indescribable pleasure.

I eventually pull back. To enliven my other senses. I stare again at your swollenness, your glistening sex. You are now oozing profusely, your pussy juice dripping down your legs. I take my finger and run it back up your leg, collecting your liquid desire. Standing up I rub my finger over your lips and around your mouth. Your tongue comes out and you lick your lips. You love how you taste. And more sweet ambrosia runs down your leg.

I take two fingers and place them close to your anus and slowly run them upwards though your puffy pussy lips, towards your clit. Fuck you’re so incredible wet. As a come up your vulva I scoop some more of your sweet ambrosia onto my fingers, removing it, I bring it towards my mouth. I suck on my fingers.

God, you taste so divine. Immediately my scrotum automatically tightens and I feel my balls being squeezed within, I don’t realise it, but another drop of my pre-cum oozes out and strings its way to the floor by your feet.

I fear if I taste you again so soon I will explode, shooting my hot steamy cum on to your belly. But no. I want to come inside you. When you leave later, I want to know there is my essence still inside you. A lingering memento of our afternoon’s pleasuring’s.

I need to slow the pace of my throbbing heart, my throbbing cock! So I leave you standing by the bed and walk over towards the armchair in the corner of the room and sit down. I ask if you would get me another glass of wine and you go over to the fringe to pour me one. Handing the glass to me you stand in front of me. And I admire your body, your fucking sexy body.

My eyes are drawn to your sexy lips and I imagine them enveloping my cock, sucking me, milking me, until I release my semen into your mouth. That would be so good, but my eyes are drawn lower, lower, to your other lips. Their swollenness reveals your glistening deep pinkness within. I so love the contrast against your surrounding skin. I imagine my cock sliding through those lips and deep into your tight pussie. Yes, that would be lovely too, to explode my spunk deep inside you.

But then I remember that perfectly curved arse of yours. I need to admire it again. So I ask you to turn around. I love the curves of your bum, the lines under your two cheeks, and of course the tight crack separating them. I know they hide my favourite of all a woman’s muscles – your anus ring. I know how both accommodating and tight it can be, whether on my finger, thumb and thick shaft. Oh yes, to feel that tightness gripping my cock.

So I have decided. I ask that you go to the bathroom and wash yourself in the bidet. I tell you to carefully wash your arse. When you return to the bedroom you see me still sitting in the armchair, but this time I am resting my feet on the leather puff in front of me. You admire my body, you like a man with good muscle tone. You notice my now semi-hard cock and want to make me harder. You kneel down beside me, resting one of your arms on my legs, with your head tucked into that arm, awaiting my instructions. I take another sip of wine and lean forward, lifting your chin up so I can look into your eyes. I want to see than you trust me completely and want to fully submit to my desires.

I ask you to stand up and face away from me. “Now bend down and rest your arms on the puff”. Your bum is now in the air and you are fully exposed to my gaze. I tell you to stick your bum out and I then admire your lovely round cheeks again. I lean forward again and place my warm hands on your arse, gentle massaging your pert buttocks – I love both their firmness and softness – just as a good arse should be.

I now then tell you to place your hands on each buttock and slowly pull your bum cheeks apart. You do as instructed and show me your little tight ring. I slowly run my finger down your crack, then back again – up and down for a little while – teasing you - eventually stopping on your puckered anus hole. I gentle massage your rim. Removing my finger and put it in my mouth to make it wet with saliva, I then gently massage you again, running my finger around and around your tight hole. When I sense you are ready I slowly insert my finger, at first just up to the end of my finger nail. Your body does a little spasm and my finger is pushed out. I return to gently massage your rim, then insert my finger again. This time up to my first knuckle. It’s like you suck me in, but again your muscle contracts and pushes my finger out. After teasing you some more, I insert it in further, this time up to the second knuckle, then further still, as far as it will go. I can tell from your moans you’re loving this violation. I gently move and bend my finger inside you, stroking your inner tenderness. You moan with delight.

I slowly remove my finger, so I can taste you. I so love the taste of arse. Fuck yours is so good – clean, but ever so dirty. I come to kneel behind you – to get a better look at what my finger has been pleasuring, I’m not disappointed. I place my hands over yours, clasping your cheeks and pull them further apart. I see your pussy is shining too and I am pleased to see your juices continue to drip down your thighs. My eyes come back to focus on your lovely little rim and I move even closer to you. You feel my breath on all your wetness and start to shudder. Then just as you had hoped, my tongue touches you there. I make small circular movements; teasing you, then start to press my tongue into you. As I do you press back towards me – you want me deeper. I probe you and really push my tongue deep inside. You push back more to take it deeper still. Both your arse and pussy seem on fire as I pleasure this so sensitive of forbidden fruit.

I stand up and then lean over you, dropping more saliva in between your cheeks. I then do the same with my cock, swiping its head, mixing my spit with my slippery pre-cum. I then place my manhood between your buttocks and start to glide up and down your crack. My shiny head continues to ooze, lubricating you as I go. As I do, I tell you to slip one of your hands into your sodden pussy and start rubbing your swollen clit.

After a while of pleasuring myself this way, I ask you where you want my cock. You reply “I want you in my arse, please pleasure me with your cock”, but add “please be gentle at first”. I promise to be so.

I now ask you to put your fingers deep into your pussie and cover them with your juices. Then I tell you to coat the end of my cock with it. Reaching between your legs you find my manhood and cover your hot silky ambrosia over my now throbbing gland.

I move closer to you and place my cock head just over your hole. Squeezing the base of my cock, behind my balls, more of my own lubricant drips on to you. Then very gently I place the head of my cock against your hole and push forward. Moving in and out very slowly just at the entrance of your hole, then you start to push back a little and I know it’s time to go a little deeper.

I then push myself even deeper into you. Now I start to push my full length in and out of you. Every so often redrawing fully so I can see my swollen purple head, before I plunge it back into you. I start to increase my rhythm and tell you to push back against me every time I push in. I go deeper and deeper.

I love the way you are moaning and can tell by the movement of your arm how quickly you are now rubbing your little clitty. We continue to build up our rhythm together, in and out, and each time I dive deep into your tightness.
You feel the heat throughout your body and you know you are near to climaxing. Your moaning is becoming more intense. “Please fuck me harder, oh yes, yes” You’re very very close to cumming. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, please cum in my arse”. You start to feel me twitch inside you. Yes, I’m starting to cum for you, Oh fuck, oh FUCK, I start exploding deep, deep inside you. You can feel my spunk shooting up you and then I too feel your arse contracting involuntarily as you climax yourself. Yes, yes you’re cumming, your whole body shuddering, as your tight tunnel spasms on to my cock. You keep twitching as the aftermath of your climax continues. Fuck that felt so gooood.

After a moment or two, I lean forward wrapping my arms around your chest and you slowly stand up again. Holding you close, I kiss the softness of your neck and behind your ear and tell you that was amazing. Picking you up I carry you over to the bed and lay you down on the soft sheets. I lay down behind you and warp you in my arms again, nestling my head on you warm shoulder. With my nose on your skin I smell you again and know I’m a very lucky man.

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