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Librarian's Lesson Pt. 5
Posted:Sep 19, 2020 7:27 pm
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2020 7:28 pm

The next day at work while she is daydreaming of her mystery man during her free period, Mark Mintor enters the room. She blushes and looks down. She can’t look at him without seeing his hard shaft being buried deep inside Darla.
Mark smiles at her and says, “I hear you were asking about the guy from Y.A.M.S. that came to see me yesterday. Darla seems to think you are quite smitten with him.”

A blush heats her face as she replies, “I just thought I recognized him from somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where.”

Mark recognizes the blush for what it is, grins and says, “He is the project manager for Y.A.M.S. and he checks the ongoing jobs to make sure they are done right. If you want to meet him, that can be arranged.”

She looks at him embarrassed and says, “Really that isn’t necessary.”
“Don’t be shy. I am having a small barbeque on Saturday and he is due to come inspect then. Come to the barbeque and you can see if you know him when he shows up.”

Inside she is excited by the idea but also terrified, “I will think about it.”
“Just remember it is an open invitation and I would love to see you there,” he replies as he turns and walks out the door.

As she starts to think about meeting up with her mystery man, Mark pops his head back in the library, “If you decide to come, you should bring a swimsuit. The pool and hot tub are open for business.” Then he disappears back out the door.

She instantly starts thinking about what to wear. Is her bikini too modest? Does she dare get a thong bikini? What about regular clothes? But as she thinks about clothes her thoughts drift away from the clothes themselves to the mystery man’s hands removing them or caressing her exposed skin. Just as she starts to quiver the bell rings and she tries to pull herself together before the next class comes streaming into the library.

The rest of the week passes in a blur and her fantasies create an almost urgent need that forces her to accept Mark’s invitation. She decided to wear her small bikini. It was just big enough to contain her love petals and required a shave before she could wear it. It wasn’t a thong, but she knew from past experiences that the slightest movement would cause it to ride up and create a close facsimile. The top was just two small triangles of cloth that would cover her areolas but just barely and some string to hold it together. Over this she donned a pair of gym shorts and a long sleeve white shirt that she buttoned up to just below her breasts. She thought about heels to show off her legs but decided to wear a pair of sandals. She looks in the mirror and is satisfied with the way her perky tits were framed by the shirt and her legs stuck out from below. “Damn I look good” she says out loud, “But I hope it doesn’t look too slutty.” Then she turns, grabs a bottle of wine and heads to the door.

On the drive to Mark’s house, Bella finds herself thinking about how ridiculous this was, chasing after a man she didn’t know, that she had never even spoken to. But then she remembered that look of desire in his eyes as he thanked her for brightening his day and her body started to quiver. Then she starts to think of all the fantasies she has composed since that day and thinks, “The hell with it. I look good. I feel good. I am horny as hell and I am going to find out about this man and see what comes of it.”

She parks across the street from Mark’s house, grabs the bottle of wine, and heads toward the door. The front yard is small and surrounded by shrubs. The covered porch has columns on each side that give it a quaint appearance. As she reaches the door she can’t find a doorbell but there is a huge brass knocker she uses to bang on the door.

She waits a couple of seconds then hears the door opening. As the door opens, she sees Mark standing in the doorway dripping wet in his speedo type swim trunks. They cling tight to him and Bella can see the outline of his manhood and tell it is in an excited state. She pulls her eyes away from his member and looks up at him and realizes that he knows she was staring at his cock. She blushes, holds up the bottle of wine, and says, “I brought some wine.”

“Thanks, but you really didn’t have to. I have my own special punch in the back.” He pauses as his eyes take in her barely covered breasts then run down her legs. With a lecherous grin he says, “You are one of the first to arrive, come on back to the pool.” As he turns and walks away Bella catches herself staring at his ass. Not bad she thought. But then realized this is the married man she has been ducking since she started working at Rosy Palms. But she had worked herself into such a frenzy thinking about her mystery man that she just couldn’t help it.

They walk through the house and when they exit the backdoor Bella sees a kidney shaped pool with a hot tub located by the inside bend of the pool, an eight-foot-tall privacy fence that is lined with shrubs and a few flower beds, numerous lounge chairs and a smoking barbeque with two long picnic tables, one placed on either side of the grill. One of the tables is filled with liquor bottles and a punch bowl with a red punch in it, possibly sangria. The other is full of food, plates and utensils. The only other person there is Darla sitting in the hot tub. As she catches herself staring at Darla's huge tits that are barely contained by her tiny bikini top, she knows why Mark’s cock was throbbing when he opened the door. As Bella waves and says hello to Darla, Mark puts a glass of punch in her hand and says, “Give it a try, it is my own creation.”

Bella takes a sip and is surprised at how good it tastes. She raises the glass to her lips and downs it. “That is pretty good what is in it?”

Mark’s waves his arm at the table with all the liquor on it causing the tip of his rock-hard cock to peak from the top of his trunks, Bella pulls her eyes away as he says, “A little bit of everything you see here, and the secret ingredient is Kool-Aid.” He pours another drink and hands it to Bella then climbs into the hot tub next to Darla.
Bella takes a sip and the second glass is as good as the first. She walks around the pool looking at the flowers and picking up some finger food. When she passes the booze table she realizes her glass is empty and refills it.

Bella turns back to the pool and Mark’s hand splashes quickly into the water. Judging by how erect Darla’s nipple is, Bella has a good idea where his hand just was. “So, Mark, where is your wife?”

“She can’t stand living in a house with no kitchen, so she is staying at her sister’s house until the job is done,” he answers unconsciously sliding a little further from Darla.

“How about your husband and Darla?”

“I needed a day off. I am at the school dealing with five days a week only to go home and deal with my and the biggest baby, my husband, I just needed a break. My husband took the to the grandparents for the weekend and I am kicking back getting drunk and relaxing.” As she finishes speaking, her hand reaches over and grasps Mark’s engorged member. “Come join us in the hot tub. It feels divine.”

Bella wasn’t sure if Darla meant the water and bubbles felt divine or if it was Mark’s cock that felt divine. She was nervous now and as she downed the remaining punch she felt a weird combination of scared and aroused. She wanted to leave, but she wanted to see her mystery man. Could she bear watching those two fondling? She didn’t have a problem last time, but they didn’t know she was there. She refilled her punch glass and downed it in one gulp. Would they want her to join in? Did she want to join in? She glances back and wonders what Darla's lips would feel like on hers. If they were all doing it when her mystery man arrived would he join in? All these thoughts rushed through her head in seconds. As they did her arousal level rose even as the punch lowered her inhibitions. She slipped out of her shirt surprised to see her nipples aroused and erect. Slipping her shorts off she finds a large glass and fills it with punch and heads toward the hot tub.

As she approaches the tub through the bubbles she can see Mark's trunks have disappeared and Darla’s hand is wrapped around his hard shaft stroking it slowly. Darla notices Bella staring, and Darla smiles maliciously asking, “Want to help?”
As she slips into the hot tub, Bella smiles and says, “No thanks, but don’t let me interrupt your affairs.”

This use of the word affair draws a look of fear from Mark and a chuckle from Darla. Bella smiles at them and says, “But don’t you think you should finish before the others get here?”

Darla smiles, “There are no others, it is just the three of us,” she says as she pulls the string that releases her huge boobs from their tiny cloth enclosure.
Bella is shocked by the answer, but her head is spinning a little from the punch and her eyes keep shifting from those huge tits with erect nipples and Mark’s hard cock
being stroked by Darla’s hand. She feels she should leave, but is enjoying the show revealing a side of her she never knew she had. She wants to reach down and stroke her pussy but is afraid to get started. She wants to wrap her hand around the mystery man’s cock the same way Darla is stroking Mark’s. Suddenly her mind pushes the fog of arousal and booze away as insight hits her, “You said no one else is coming. Does that include the inspector?”

Darla slides across the hot tub between Bella’s legs. Looks her in the eye, “No he’s not coming. The company doesn’t work Saturdays. But we were hoping you would join us,” she says as her lips lock on to Bella’s. At first Bella pulls back, but these are the softest lips she has ever had on hers. When Darla’s tongue flicks out, Bella eagerly sucks it. Darla’s hand pushes the small triangle of cloth off Bella’s breast and pinches the nipple. This elicits a moan from Bella. Darla breaks the kiss and pulls back with her hand still caressing the hard nipple it had seized. Bella opens her eyes and finds Mark’s rock-hard cock in front of her face and without a thought wraps her mouth around it taking it in until it hits the back of her throat. She starts bobbing up and down the shaft working her tongue around it with each stroke delighting in the feel as it hits the back of her throat. Darla reaches her free hand inside Bella’s swim suit bottoms and spreads her lips with her fingers and starts teasing the swollen love button she discovered. At the same time, Darla’s mouth clasps the nipple her fingers worked to an erect frenzy.

Mark’s cock stiffens and starts to twitch, “That’s it, take it. You are much better at this than my wife.”

Reality crashes down hard on Bella when she hears the word wife, and she pulls her mouth off Mark and pushes Darla away. “This is wrong. I can’t do this.” And starts climbing from the hot tub.

Mark’s arms wrap around her waist as he pulls her back roughly, “It sure looks like you could do it a second ago. In fact, it seems like you were enjoying it while you were moaning with your mouth full of my cock.” He slides his cock between her legs and lets it rest against her hot slit. “In fact, from the heat I am feeling on my cock right now I know you were enjoying it.” He starts to slide her swim suit bottoms to the side and leverage his hard cock into her.

As the tip of his cock reaches her lips, Bella squirms forward and screams, “STOP!” Mark pulls her back and his cock slides between her legs and over her slit.

As he rubs the hot, hard head of his cock between Bella's dripping love petals trying to drive his shaft home Darla says, “Let her go, Mark. We said we would see if she wanted to join us. Key word there is want.”

Mark lets go, and Bella quickly scampers out of the hot tub with Darla close behind her. “Sorry, Bella, but Mark gets out of control sometimes when he is hard. I think most men do. We just noticed that you seemed antsy the last week and thought you might enjoy a day of drinking and debauchery.”

Taking a few deep breaths, Bella calms down and can feel the alcohol seeping through her thoughts. “Darla, I just can’t. My body wants to, but there is just something about you both being married that stops me.”

Darla hugs Bella, “That’s fine honey. No one wants to make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

As Darla breaks the hug, Bella finds herself with the desire to grab that huge tit and suckle it. She even makes a move towards it, but she is overcome with fear and spits out, “Thanks, but I have to go.” In a frenzy, Bella grabs her purse and rushes through the house, out the front door leaving everything else behind. As she reaches her car, her head is spinning from the punch and excitement, but she knows she must get away from there. She starts the car and pulls rapidly into the street.
Librarian's Lesson Pt. 4
Posted:Sep 13, 2020 8:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2020 8:11 pm

Chapter 2

On her drive home Bella started wondering why she was obsessed with Darla's tits and lips. She had never been interested in another girl before, but since watching Darla in action, curious thoughts have been drifting through her mind whenever she saw Darla. Christ, Bella even caught herself ogling those huge bouncing breasts like most of the teenage boys at the school. Even more curious is the heat it sent through her groin.

With conscious effort, she pushes Darla to the back of her mind and starts thinking about how she can meet up with her mystery man. A laugh erupts as she imagines calling Y.A.M.S construction and asking if they could send the salt and pepper gentleman to her house to fuck her into a coma. But then as she thought about what she would do when he arrived, her hand started caressing her love mound through her skirt.

By the time she reaches her house her panties are soaking wet and she rushes inside and plops on her bed. Then starts her fantasy from the beginning.

She could call Y.A.M.S. and tell them she was interested in remodeling her kitchen and have them send her mystery man out to look it over. When he came, she would be dressed in a man’s long sleeve dress shirt and nothing else. She would apologize and say she forgot about the meeting, but insist he stay and see what she wants done. She would make sure to point out the hinges she wants changed on the lower cabinets. Bending over to point them out exposing her glistening slit and ass to him. As she stands he would come up behind her and grab one of her pert breasts in each hand and pull her to him, placing a kiss on her neck. She would arch her back and feel his engorged member against her back grinding against him as he bites her neck. He would pinch her nipples lightly and she would turn around and unzip his pants pulling his engorged cock out and engulfing it with her mouth.

At this point Bella has turned fantasy into a quasi-reality. She quickly kicks off her clothes and reaches to her drawer to pull out her trusty vibrator. She starts by sucking on the vibrator imagining it is the hard cock of her dream man while her hand squeezes her breast and teases the nipple to erection. She plunges the vibrator completely into her mouth hitting the back of her throat with it as she pinches a nipple imagining him biting it. She spreads her legs wide, pulls the vibrator from her mouth, turns it on and teases her slit pretending it is his tongue sliding through her wet lips and up to tantalize her clit. As the vibrations hit her clit, she moans and quivers. A few more licks over her clit with the vibrator and her shaking intensifies. With a moan she moves the vibrator down to her hole and lets the contact create shivers through her body and then the vibrator drives home sliding deep into her pussy. Her pussy walls immediately start clenching against it as she imagines it is his hard cock driving repeatedly into her. She convulses, and her legs slam shut on the vibrator as she moans and trembles through her orgasm.

Panting she removes her toy with a shudder then with an evil grin imagines him saying, “But I am not done yet love. Let’s try doggy style.” She rolls over and puts her ass in the air. She spreads her dripping lips, lines up the vibrator and sets it gently against her hole. The vibrations bring on another shuddering fit and she slams it deep in her clenching hole. She is not sure if this is a continuation of the previous orgasm or a new one, but she doesn’t care as she rams the toy rapidly and violently in and out of her clenching love canal. With each stroke her hand bangs against her clit making her think of his balls slapping against it. She keeps driving her vibrating cock replacement home as wave after wave of pleasure washes over her. Finally, she collapses on the bed in a trembling mess, gasping for breath. As her clenching pussy pushes the toy out of her, she shudders violently and moans between her gasps for breath. Then she imagines him saying, “But I am still not done darling” which causes her to shiver again, but she is too spent to do anything about it and falls asleep with a huge smile on her face.

She wakes after a couple of hours and jumps into the shower to rinse the sticky nectar off herself amazed at how much there is. When the water hits her pubic area, she shivers with excitement and says to no one, “Amazing I don’t even know the guy’s name and he has improved my sex life immensely.”

She finishes her shower, wraps a towel around herself, and heads out to the computer leaving her long brown hair wet and dripping down her back and chest.

She immediately does a search for Y.A.M.S. construction and finds a website for it. She clicks through the pages looking at all the pictures hoping to get a glimpse of her mystery man. When she has been through every page she is a little disappointed because she didn’t find a picture of him. She jots down the phone number then does a search for a salt and pepper construction worker. She is surprised to find most of the results are books, so she clicks on the image tab to see what pictures come up. Again, she is surprised a lot of the pictures are of women in construction gear with exposed breasts, very few men and most of the men don’t even have black hair. Disappointed she climbs into bed and drifts off to sleep.
The Librarian's Lesson pt. 2
Posted:Aug 26, 2020 6:56 pm
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2020 6:57 pm

Bella found herself fantasizing whenever the students were preoccupied with book selections. Daydreaming about his lips on hers, his hands on her ass, his whiskers tantalizing her nipples as he bent to kiss them, his lips kissing her love petals then his tongue caressing her rosy button. Just as her hands were starting their journey to the pleasure points she would snap out of it and bring her attention back to the students in the library. But the moistness between her legs and the quivers shooting through her body soon brought her back to her daydreams.

At lunch time she was drawn, she desperately wanted to lock herself in the bathroom and take the edge off, which is something she had never thought about doing while at work before, but she also wanted to see if Darla had found out anything about the stranger. If she didn’t take the edge off she might not be able to make it through the rest of the day without an incident, but she was dying to find out about the mystery man.

Shaking herself she heads to the office to talk to Darla. When she arrives at the office she finds it empty with the out to lunch sign on the countertop. Next stop the teacher’s lounge. She enters the room and glances around, eight teachers are there talking, eating, drinking coffee but Darla wasn’t there.

She returns to the office and takes a seat to wait for Darla to return. The heat in her groin soon has her fantasizing and her hand starts caressing her breast pulling at the nipple through her blouse and bra. Realizing what she is doing she decides to go to the bathroom and release the tension burning through her body.
As she stands to leave, she hears voices. Looking around she sees no one, the door to the principal’s office is open and it is empty. She knows he is away at a conference. Darla’s counter is empty and all that is left is the nurse’s office. Since they don’t have a full-time nurse, that room is almost always locked. She approaches the door with the intention of trying to open it but her hand freezes just above the knob as she hears Darla’s voice say, “But Mark I thought you would have had enough over the weekend.”

She hears a zipper unzip and Mark says, “Does that look like I have had enough?”
Bella hears rustling and moans. She looks at the door and its frosted glass window that says NURSE then she notices the frost doesn’t continue all the way to the bottom of the window. She leans down and peaks through the thin line of clear glass and her eyes land on Darla laying on the nurse’s table her shirt wide open exposing her huge tits, her skirt slid up to her waist and Mark on top of her with his head buried between her legs while his hard cock is between her lips.
Her first instinct is to turn and leave, but her eyes are glued to that hard cock driving deep into Darla’s mouth. Without noticing, she hikes up her skirt and starts to stroke her clit through her panties. Within moments her panties are soaked, and her fingers are sliding underneath them to spread her lips and caress her swollen clit. She watches as Darla moans around that hard cock as an orgasm takes her. Mark quickly pulls his head from between Darla’s legs and flips her over the edge of the table and viciously slams his cock into her from behind. Bella has a perfect view of Mark’s cock sliding in and out of Darla’s dripping slit. Watching his glistening shaft pull out so the head is just visible then slamming back into Darla’s hot slit over and over, Bella’s fingers start to drive into her own slit keeping pace with Mark’s shaft. As Mark slams deep into Darla and shudders with his orgasm Darla joins him with loud moans and violent shivering. Bella muffles her own moans as she cums with the two of them. Panting she glances back through the window and sees Mark pulling out of Darla and starting to button up his clothes.

Bella quickly straightens out her skirt, stands, and leaves the office. In the bathroom she washes up and sees her flushed reflection in the mirror. Her thoughts are racing as she tries to figure out what came over her. She has never been one to do something like this, playing with herself while she watched another couple have forbidden sex, but it had felt so good. She cleans up and with one last look in the mirror leaves the bathroom and heads to the library.
The Librarian's Lesson pt. 3
Posted:Aug 26, 2020 7:06 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 4:37 am

Bella enters the library as the bell rings. She is feeling much better as she moves from student to student, attempting to connect students with books they will devour passionately. When the last student has checked out his book, she starts to focus on the upcoming technology professional development she is to deliver, but her mind soon starts wandering to Mark and Darla. She is confused about how she feels about the situation. She is mad that they are both married, but not to each other, and had the audacity to do this on school property. Then she remembers her own hand plunging into herself as she watched Mark’s throbbing cock slide into Darla. Shivers run through her body as she remembers how powerful her own orgasm was as she watched. She never thought she would be capable of spying on people having sex, let alone masturbate to them in the office of a middle school, but she admits to herself that she enjoyed it more than she expected.

She wonders why she didn’t turn and leave when she first realized what was going on after all that was her usual style, but today she couldn’t take her eyes off the action and couldn’t keep her hands to herself, or more correctly couldn't keep her hands off herself and it is all because she worked herself to a frenzy thinking about the tall stranger with the deep eyes.

Just thinking about him and her hand starts to stray between her legs. Just as it reaches her love mound through her skirt a student appears at the circulation desk ready to check out another book. “Finished already? You just checked this book out yesterday.” The student nods and heads back to her desk as Bella flushes with embarrassment. As she checks in the previous book and checks out the new book, Bella is thankful that the students are too young to realize what her flushed and quivering state means. Looking up to see the girl that just checked out the new book is staring at her with a suspicious look, Bella hopes they are too young, blushes and turns back to working on the professional development.

Finally, the last bell of the day sounds. Bella made it through the day. Not without having numerous fantasies, but at least without touching herself or creating a scene. She loads her bag and heads out the door, her whole body quivering from the thoughts she had throughout the day. She is out the door and to her car in moments, just as she starts to open the door she hears someone call, “Bella wait up.”

She turns and sees Darla jogging to catch up, Darla’s breasts catch Bella’s eyes as they bounce with each step. When Darla reaches her, Bella pulls her eyes from Darla’s huge still jiggling breasts embarrassed that she had stared at them all the way across the parking lot and more embarrassed that the view caused a reaction in her already hot groin. Looking at Darla’s face she asks, “What’s up?”

“I talked to Mark today about your mysterious stranger.” At the mention of Mark’s name Bella flashes back to his hard member between Darla’s lips gliding in and out. A quiver runs through her body and she has to shake herself back into control and sees Darla giving her a quizzical look.

“And I am assuming he knows something?” Bella replies with a flushed face.
“Yes, the guy came to drop off the final plans for Mark's new kitchen. He doesn’t know the guy’s name, but he works for Yams Construction.”

“Yams like sweet potatoes? That is an unusual name.”

“Actually, Mark spelled it out Y.A.M.S. Construction, so they might not call it yams.”
Still flustered and finding herself staring at Darla’s lips and wondering what they tasted like, Bella says, “Thanks for the information” and quickly climbs into her car and drives away leaving Darla looking completely confused standing in the parking lot.
The Librarian's Lesson
Posted:Aug 23, 2020 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2020 5:42 am

Chapter 1

As Bella parks her car and starts get out, she feels a tingle of excitement as the hair the back of her neck stands end. She looks around, but nothing seems be out of place. The students are rushing and fro, the teachers standing by the door greeting students with a smile or admonishing them for unruly behavior. Basically, the same thing she has seen for the last fourteen years she has been a teacher at Rosy Palms Middle School.

Not noticing anything out of place, she mumbles herself with a chuckle, “I guess my spider senses aren’t working today.” She leans back into her car to retrieve her bag and turns and walks towards the entrance. Then she notices him. The first thing she notices is his smile. He is not the classical handsome but attractive in his own way with a body that is somewhere between athletic, thick and dad bod, but carries it well with his height. When she looks at his eyes she notices he is staring directly at her. A little unnerved by being caught checking him out, she looks away but is drawn back to his probing eyes as he approaches.

She gazes back into his eyes and recognizes desire there, but it doesn’t contain the lecherous undertone she is so used to seeing. He stops a couple of steps from her, takes a quick glance over her body then his eyes lock firmly with hers. He smiles and says, “Thank you, for brightening my day.” and continues past her.

Bella smiles back but is surprised that is he said. She was expecting a pickup line and quite frankly she wasn't looking forward it. She was certain she would probably put him off and make him try again, but he just complimented her and walked by. She still feels the intense stare from his green eyes, that look created a feeling that her soul was being absorbed. She also saw the desire burning in them and was sure he would follow . A little disappointed but still excited by the attention, she turns and watches him walk away tempted run after him.
Just as she decides go after him and see who he is, the bell rings. With a sigh of disappointment, she turns and enters the school begin her day.


Sitting at her computer in the media center, she finds herself unable concentrate with her thoughts drifting back the mysterious man. She begins wondering if he is the parent of one of the students, but she has never seen him at any of the parent related activities and she has attended of them.

Then she starts wondering what his beard and mustache would feel like when he kissed her or nibbled on her ear. Then quivering, she thought about him nibbling a bit lower. She feels a warmth rush through her and feels her nipples tighten and her groin flush with the concentrating heat. Her hand starts running her leg caressing the inside of her thigh through her skirt.

She catches herself and with a shiver and shake tries pull herself out of her passionate excitement. “What is this?” She thinks herself, “I only saw the guy for a couple of minutes and never said a word him. How can I be this infatuated?”
She reflects the couple of minutes she was aware of him approaching in her head. He wasn’t that good looking. He was attractive but not panty dropping handsome. Then why was she flushed with passion? Thinking about how she felt when their eyes were locked caused her heat again and she realized it was his confidence as he swallowed her with his eyes.

She shakes her head again and realizing she isn’t going get any work done she decides investigate see if she can find out who this man is.
She spots Mark Mintor, the mathematics teacher, the other side of the media center and starts approach him ask about the stranger. Remembering the sexual innuendo he has thrown her way whenever his wife is out of town, she decides it probably isn't a good idea to approach him about another man and heads out to the hallway instead.

She heads to the office where she finds Darla, the administrative assistant. “Good morning Darla, how was your weekend?”

Darla is in her late thirties, a cute little brunette with a little extra weight riding her hips and belly since the birth of her second eight months prior and even more weight riding on her chest in huge fun bags. “It was great. I got the husband take the see grandma and grandpa and had the house myself. You never realize how nice an empty house can be until you haven’t had one for a couple years.” Darla pauses, and you can see she is reflecting on something that brings a mischievous grin her face. “Yep an empty house will let you do things you haven’t done in years. But enough about , what can I help you with?”
“I was wondering if you knew who the man I saw this morning was. He was about feet tall, thick build, salt and pepper hair with a speckling of gray in his mustache and beard, wearing jeans and a blue polo shirt. He had the most intense green eyes I have ever seen. I noticed him walking out of the school before the first bell.”
“It sure sounds like you noticed him” she replies with a grin, “but if it was before the first bell I wouldn’t have seen him. I was a couple minutes late this morning. Why are you asking about him?”

Unable tell Darla that it was because she tingled every time she thought about him, Bella replies, “Um, I don’t know. I think I recognize him, but not sure from where.”

“He’s probably just one of the parents dropping his off for school.” Seeing the crushed look on Bella’s face Darla continues, “But it looks like you were hoping he didn’t have a in the school or at least that he wasn’t married.”
Bella blushes, “I have admit that for some unexplained reason I am attracted him. I have never even spoken him, but I can’t stop thinking about him.”

“Woo, somebody is smitten. What did he do to you, goose you good?” Darla asks with a laugh.

“Nothing like that, he just looked deep into my eyes and said, ‘thank you for brightening my day’ and walked away. I was so stunned there was no corny pickup line following it that I just stood there and watched him walk away until the bell rang.”

“I think I got it now. He complimented you in a way that made you shiver and at the same time walked out of your life leaving you wanting more. Is that right?”

Bella blushes and meekly says, “Yes”.

“Ok, I will see what I can find out. There can’t be that many feet tall, salt and pepper gentlemen that were in the school this morning. If I find anything out I will let you know.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” Bella replies as she turns leave.

“One more thing,” Darla calls out. “Did he have a nice ass?” she asks as a huge grin crosses her face.

Bella smiles, blushes and leaves without answering.

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