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I’m one lucky Uber driver.
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 8:59 pm
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2020 11:22 am

One night while I was doing u we and Lyft for some extra money, I had one of those moment you think only happens in porn. I got a ping to head to pick up a passenger at a bar here in town that’s a little older and out of the way in Bakersfield.
When I got there a women approached the car and let me know I’d be taking her friend home and she was paying for the ride.

Her friend came out of the bar a few minutes later and they hugged small chatted for a few minutes and then we were off. She sat in the front seat which isn’t too odd for riders and I’ve had it happen a couple times although most ppl sit in the back.

We small chatted for a bit about a funeral she attended earlier that day and she was at the bar to end the night with her friends. It’s was the typical kind of small talk but deep down I kind of wanted something to happen.

I have a fetish for older women and she was definitely a treat I wanted to explore. She was likely her her early to mid forties with blonde hair, a nice set of breasts and a great smile. She gave me a couple glances as I was driving with a slight grin, but I tried to not think dirty thoughts.

Eventually as I was driving down the road she was looking over at me as she just said, “ I want to suck your cock”. I instantly thought this couldn’t be real or I was dreaming so I kind of played it off and asked what was that?

She said again” I want to suck your cock” can’t you take it out for me?
Keep in mind in driving but it has to be close to 1 am and little to not traffic.
As I pull down my pants I instantly start to get hard as she is reaching over and starting to stroke me. Before I can’t think of what to do next I can feel her warm lips wrapped around my cock as I’m driving toward her destination.

She’s sucking for a good 5 minutes and then asks if we are getting close because it’s her boyfriend place. I let her know we are about 5 miles away and she tells me to we have time to find somewhere dark to pull over.

We find a neighborhood maybe about 2 miles from her house when she climbs over to the driver seat and I slip my cock inside her. The warm tight feeling of her pussy along with the blow job previously topped with the fantasy of it being a milf made my orgasim so great.
After finishing inside her and watching the cum drip out as she cleaned up made this something I’ll never forget.
I finished dropping her off at home and as I got here her boyfriend was outside coming down the driveway. It looked like there was a small party going on still and that was even more of a turn on thinking I had just filled up his girlfriend minutes before dropping her off.
I haven’t done Lyft or Uber in a few months now, but I have the urge now to see if this can happen again!
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