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Hair choices
Posted:Feb 23, 2020 11:59 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2020 7:29 am

Why must a really nice wig so much? I got a few cheap costume wigs but hard to make it look good. Good quality human hair wig is what I'd love to have but they are outta my budget. I need to step up a little in style and quantity spend a little more then 20 or 30 dollars and get a better quality wig. Hoping those that read this and check out my pics on my profile and comment what hair u liked in my pics, what style u feel would best suit me, and what color you think look good on me. If anyone knows looking for better quality then store novelty if anyone has suggestion where leave a comment. 😃 I'm even open to any friendly souls that may wanna buy a girl one or possibly someone that has several and might wanna donate to the Look Your Best Cassie fund.

Love you all
My adventures as a woman.
Posted:Feb 14, 2020 1:18 am
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2020 11:59 pm

Hello everyone.
I'll start by saying im new to writing and sharing like this. But I do hope to meet new people from them reading my post.

I'll give a little background leading up to now. I think around 8 or 9. Me and my sister decide to trade clothes oneday while playing. I tried on one of her skirts and a spaghetti strap top.. didnt know that day actually just how much I enjoyed it. As the years went by had I had the chance I would try on dresses, skirts, lingerie. Whatever happen to be there. I started liking this more but not wanting to share with people cause I didnt want to be shamed or judged. When through school sneaking around trying on girls things when left alone around them. Got to try on a sexy purple prom dress that made me feel so girlie. Purple my favorite color.

Went into the service had a few times there had chances to try outfits on that belo ged to girlfriends. Then through most my 20s I started buying some items and keep them for awhile before throwing them away. Went on onto my 30s living alone between relationships i would get clothes and wear them. Bought boots and other heels experimenting further but always end up getting g rid of these items.

Which brings us to about 6 months ago. My marriage fell apart not cause of tthis. Just once it did I started to think about dressing again. So I got some lingerie a dress and heels. Enjoyed it and started thinking maybe I should finally embrace this part of me. So I did and a few days after I decided to purchase a pair of breast forms to look more real instead of stuffing bras with socks. I found a website that sold a starter kit. Followed there sizing suggestions. I ordered a pair of 38c breast. And the kit came with a dress made for CD's, a sheer pocket bra to hold the forms, and a male thong gaff to help keep things tucked and flat looking in the front. When I got to try all this on I instantly fell in love with the way it made me look and how it felt. I bought a few other dresses and round Halloween figured. Why not go get a wig and see how it looks. So I did and knew when I looked at myself all dressed i was ready to embrace my feminine side..
The wife got to thinking bout possibly working things out. But I figured I didnt want to throw everything away again. So I shared with her. She was not judgemental or anything bad towards it. But as she thought about it she couldnt have it as a part of her life. Which is cool cause we still good and she even occasionally talks about having a girls day.

So this brings us around to the end of the year. I've bought more dresses, skirts, and tops. Bras, panties, even lingerie. A few wigs, couple pair of shoes. Some really cute ones I just bought and fell in love e with. Even though they a 5inch heel and me being 6ft makes for a really tall woman. Even bought a couple sexy costumes. Maid and school girl. I got wondering how it would be to go out in public.

I decided I would go out of town. Find a restaurant to eat at and go to a gay nightclub. Not to try and pick anyone up. Just so I can experience being dressed in public with out being judged. I had a good time that weekend and met some nice people at the club. This gave me confidence to want to explore more as a woman. Now i am beginning g to learn makeup. Really hard off videos and websites by urself. I need female friends who live kinda close to hangout with.

Well i do hope people at least read all this and i hope to gave followers reading this as i share my experiences and sometime my secret fantasies. I want to share with people and hope this becomes a good place for it. Till next time
Hugs and kisses

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