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donsv1962 58M
8198 posts
11/19/2020 1:06 pm

doggie style is my fave

I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

Leegs2012 48M
61357 posts
11/19/2020 2:46 pm

I am a big fan of Oral Sex.. I go with "69"

92camaro66 54M  
1748 posts
11/19/2020 2:56 pm

I like em all but I always love to cum missionary . Mmmmmmmm

1965emman1965 55M  
729 posts
11/19/2020 3:44 pm

Woman on top my favorite because get have my hands on her ass and tits

13193 posts
11/19/2020 10:16 pm

I mast say that I love all position when I'm in a bed with a pretty girl, I use the position that she want!!

Beautiful trembling ass!!



author51 58F
107668 posts
11/19/2020 10:36 pm

Doggy for sure my sexy friend..Love it for a finishing move..xoxo

Lkn4funwith2 55M
1051 posts
11/20/2020 12:24 am

The GIF of the big, meaty ass is exactly why I LOVE doggy-style

WyoCowboy7751 67M
1182 posts
11/20/2020 3:54 am

What ever position she & I wind up in during Sex; Works for Both of Us

CleavageFan4U 63M  
64396 posts
11/20/2020 6:34 am

Woman on top / cowgirl - puts her bewbies right in my face!

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