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How comfortable are you about showing some of your site activity on your profile?  

Andrew 52M
1878 posts
3/9/2013 4:37 pm

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8/17/2013 2:27 am

How comfortable are you about showing some of your site activity on your profile?

We have all seen the global and local activity feeds on the main page of the site. For almost 8 years, we have shown your activity to people in your friend's circle. Recently, there has been a push to put more of this information on your profile.

To be more clear, there are only a few types of things showing up there now - if you post public content (photo, video, blog, broadcast, etc), it and potentially comments from others about that content show on your profile. If you comment or like other members' content, it doesn't.

The idea is that if you are posting things that you want others to know about, it could show up on your profile. If you are commenting on other peoples photos/videos, then don't show these comments.

I guess we'd like to know your thoughts - want options to show more things (e.g., your comments on other photos/videos)? want to be able to not show any activities on your profile... even if those are just your blog/group/magazine posts?
I like the way it is
I would be open to more activities added to my profile (toggle on/off)
I would like less activities showing on my profile (toggle on/off)
Remove all activity

sweet_VM 62F
81036 posts
3/9/2013 4:49 pm

Andrew, I like it the way it is right now.

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JustJane13 48F  
1583 posts
3/9/2013 4:54 pm

I like it the way it is also. If someone visits my profile, I'd like them to see a link to the blog entries. Some people don't know the blogs exist, until they see the links.

Mystic_Writer 46M  
3608 posts
3/9/2013 7:05 pm

I'd be open to having more activities show up on my profile, but would like to be able to toggle on/off the various choices.

27031 posts
3/9/2013 7:15 pm

Where is the "push" coming from to "put more of this information on our profile"?

I have a feeling it's from the misinformed people who design this site, and NOT from the members. How about letting the member decide how much we want to show, and giving us the control?

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BrownEyedBBW 52F
8855 posts
3/9/2013 8:45 pm

I always prefer to have the most control possible over what information I show and what I don't.

tripod2014 49M
5 posts
3/9/2013 10:07 pm

I like it as it is now.


rm_cherimore 60F
11162 posts
3/9/2013 10:41 pm

I like the way as it is.
But problem was the setting was not working properly. I had set what I wanted to show and what not on my profile activities. What I want to show,like when I post a blog post,add photos to my profile(not private photo album if I decide to add as it not for public to see if it going to set private), was no more showing on my profile activities eventhough my setting was on to show.

*** About if a member pick to show photos on their profile activities, I had seen when member share even a new private album photo set for private and friends or certain friend only or self, the album was also appearing on the activities too and make visible to be seen as nail thumb through that member profile on their activities section. And through the New feeds getting there by clicking on 'Community' button, showing them add the new friends only album, I could see it nail thumb size was able to click to view it large. That surprised me. I had some screen shot show on Live group. I am not sure if this is fix or not. ***

Spirit6669 54M
2237 posts
3/10/2013 3:26 am

I am always in favour of options. If operated by toggle you get the best of both worlds and everybody happy surely ?!

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JN63JPN 57F  
26372 posts
3/10/2013 4:32 am

I prefer to have control over who sees what. There are enough glitches where privacy settings aren't being respected as it is, and as in FB, whenever something new is rolled out, we don't know until our privacy settings are compromised.

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shyram93 27F

3/10/2013 8:06 am

Anything that puts more control in MY hands regarding content and activity is a positive step. I also don't want people knowing when I am on line and would like to control that as well. The more personal you can make my experience, the better!!!

Basically, I don't want to "advertise" myself. Whereas, some obviously do. Allowing each of us to customize how we interact allows us to both enjoy our time here! And conversely, those who interact with us get a truer picture of who we are and therefore do not waste their time and their experience improves!

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MyHeartLost4U 55M
2326 posts
3/10/2013 8:59 am

Prefer the toggle on/off option.

copticus 68M
1504 posts
3/10/2013 10:44 am

This is the FB dilemma - what needs to be public vs. what the users want to hide.

The answer, I think is to give us all the choice as to what we show as public and what is private in the feeds - and of course the carrot to making more information public would be greater exposure to other members. I think too that many members here would be a lot more comfortable if they could control who sees their "feeds" - couples might want to share with other couples and females but not with males ... actually I think that particular choice is very immature and silly but there's no doubt that it's popular. Guys might want to be seen by only single women.

Of course it's very easy to suggest this sort of thing but actually implementing a feed like this could be a logistical nightmare. My profile seems to get lots of Global feeds but no local feeds - if I was concerned about this than I'd try and figure out why but it's pretty low on the list of concerns for me.

_JKH_ 66M
5452 posts
3/10/2013 4:21 pm

Doesn't bother me a bit.

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nd2hvfun 62F  
10016 posts
3/10/2013 11:28 pm

WAIT WAIT WAIT what kind of site is this? when i joined 10 years ago it was an adult dating site, than it became a swinger site, than a real porno site, now a FB site? i think its starting to become a bit too confusing and i may just drop off...leave what we want private to remain're going to make it easy for cyber stalkers to know your every move YIKES

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sexysixties2 72F  
39001 posts
3/11/2013 5:08 am

I think we should have the ability to decide for ourselves how much of our activity on the site is visible to others. I for one do not want everyone to know my every move. I would also like to be able to see my profile as others see it.

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Centaur_UK 42M
1772 posts
3/11/2013 5:28 pm

Like it the way it is at the moment.

and.............WARNING for Porn viewers

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sphxdiver 70M  
21072 posts
3/11/2013 8:03 pm

Just another day in the trenches!!!!

missingu2012 70M
3138 posts
3/11/2013 9:05 pm

I would like the option for the user to set what is een and not seen.
HOWEVER, and a BIG, however, when a user wants to be private, MAKE DAMN SURE THEY ARE, EVERYWHERE!

Recent rollout of main page and activities had everything showing up in the feeds, even material designated to go exclusivley to private folders. Members who had been banned or blocked by a user were able to view and comment on that users thumbnails showing up in the feeds!

Breach of trust, if not promise, of privacy on A*F*F's part. Maybe worthy of legal intervention at the next infringement.

This should be THE #1 priority for Quality Control Checks before any new feature goes live.

roxy54sexy 57F  
8916 posts
3/12/2013 10:47 am

hello, I like to have control the activities that is going in my profile. Some information is ok others are not here.

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spicyhot456 62F

3/13/2013 9:03 am

Andrew, I'd like to have control over what is shown on my profile. There are so many multi-profilers on this site. If you ban one, they show up with a banked profile and that's a bit flustrating. Sad, we have stalkers, showing our private information on our profile page would only make it worse. I say please let us select what we wish to share.Thanks, Spicy ps. Glad to see you back!

BothCurious4 68M/66F
8 posts
3/14/2013 5:41 am

I think it works fine the way it is.

spicyhot456 62F

3/14/2013 9:33 pm

Please don't allow post of membership to groups, as allowing members to track you down here! Andrew.. women have stalkers here. Why give the advantage to find you here? Please don't... Help us !Spicy

spicyhot456 62F

3/14/2013 9:40 pm

Andrew.. I have seen hate because you're back. I hope to prove them wrong.Please allow to choose on their profile as to what the women are comfy with sharing. Otherwise, you'll loose those female members here.Sad,but true.. Spicy

spicyhot456 62F

3/15/2013 10:13 pm

I just viewed again the new profile page, No way in hell do I wish for members to see what groups I'm in. Give us a choice please! Too damn many stalkers here.. trust me.. they follow! I'd appreciate some privacy to just where I'm at on the site.. Ty.. Spicy

Checkrobbyout 58M
107 posts
3/16/2013 3:11 am

It's fine with me the way it is now....if "things" change....having the option as a "paying member" to decide what I want shown would be very much preferred

rm_cherimore 60F
11162 posts
3/16/2013 12:00 pm

    Quoting spicyhot456:
    I just viewed again the new profile page, No way in hell do I wish for members to see what groups I'm in. Give us a choice please! Too damn many stalkers here.. trust me.. they follow! I'd appreciate some privacy to just where I'm at on the site.. Ty.. Spicy
Hello Spicy, I think you mean the New homepage. I don't see the site make any change to the profile. I look on your profile, I don't see it show which group you are in. You had your setting on Profile Page Preferences page set most probably 'Do not display my interest group activity'. Check on your 'My account' page for 'Profile page Preferences.

What you saw when you on your 'New Homepage' on the left showing which group you are in and what blog your watched, is only show to you on your own homepage for you to see not others. If I check my own New homepage, I would only see which group I am in not yours or anyone else and also which blog I watched and not what you watched or any other members.

Everything show on the left side of the new homepage are only you to see of yours stuffs.

Also, your profile don't show me any activities you do that show me you had pick 'NO' on the preferences of your 'activities preference' setting through your 'My Account' page.

Also on the new homepage the 'Member Activity' in the center from my understanding will only show any if you pick to see any activities from members from you Notification and Activities Preferences setting. Or else to my understanding it would be an empty blank section. I do noticed the setting don't work properly.

The 'Member Acivity' is the replace area for the notification/ activities bars item that was on the bottom.

Since the Original homepage are still available until end of the month(maybe), for those that still using the original homepage will see the Notification activities long bar on the bottom. While also the notification from that long bar on the bottom will be shown separated if you use the new homepage, the notification will appear on the tool bar exclamation mark. I know it is a bit confusing.

That below is part screen shot from my Profile preferences page showing I don't want a link to group I am in. If a member did not check on this, there is the 'Interest Groups' show some where above where bling is on their profile page. On the Interest groups, to the right will show how many post they make. Click on that number will show all the group they are active on and what they had posted by clicking on the post topic link and also the group name.


edstarr2 54M/50F  
8 posts
3/20/2013 10:47 am

not at all

nothuge2012 61M
144 posts
5/20/2013 6:00 am

None of it works....the Search/Whats Hot/Live tabs and thumbnails don't show up, and the Message Center shows nothing, plus other member pages don't load any large photos, just thumbs. As a Gold member, all I can say is what a rip off.

kitkatny4bbc 59F  
47 posts
3/21/2014 9:01 am

The site does overkill on its features, most I don't even use. I have a life. I just wanna fuck!

kitkatny4bbc 59F  
47 posts
3/21/2014 10:44 am

Actually if there could be a calendar listed allowing us to post a "date" & allow event owners post their events that would be awesome. On other sites events are posted we can sign up & see who else is attending. Same goes for the calendar we can see who signed up & reply. The events are listed on the calendar by location. Ex: I can choose an option view events within 50 miles or 100 miles & they would show on the calendar as tab. When I click it all the events in my area are visible.

ktnlady 65F
9 posts
11/24/2017 1:05 pm

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