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Suprcuk49 59M
68 posts
3/26/2020 6:31 am

From the smallest boobies to the largest, they are good. I find that most usually, the smaller ones are much more sensitive than bigger ones.

Heathen_G 61M
7867 posts
3/26/2020 1:36 pm

Anyone is entitled to only want a particular "Type" ,"Look", "Standard"...

However , "Anyone else" may take the chance of contacting, even though they do not match up to the persons desire.

Heathen_G 61M
7867 posts
3/26/2020 1:37 pm

    Quoting idblueswoman:
    We sure as hell can control who touches them. So there is a bright side to all of it.
Not necessarily.

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